Canada Goose Lodge Hoody Review: Tried & Tested

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Winter is coming. It is that time of the year when staying inside with our blankets feels cozy. All we want to do is watch some Netflix with a cup of hot chocolate instead of heading outdoors.

But for sports enthusiasts out there, like skiers, having a reliable ski jacket is essential when going out. You’re lucky because Canada Goose is here to save you from the cold weather!

In this article, we will review the Canada Goose Lodge Hoody and discuss why it should be your choice in 2021 to tackle the cold weather.  

My Personal Opinion

Are you up for a new hoody to keep you warm? The Canada Goose Lodge Hoody is a great choice for you!

This hoody is designed to give warmth alongside windproof material without compromising the bulkiness. Also, additional safeguards are provided by the full feature hood, drop-down tail, and extra nylon ripstop shell, which helps retain valuable body heat.

The slim fit and good length are ideal for any body type. The lined chin guard with tricot fabric and Power Stretch® cuffs adds up extra softness and comfort.

It gives you a lot of storage space for your things with its three zippered exterior pockets located on the chest and sides, and 2 interior security pockets for your valuables. Lastly, this hoody has a unique feature, and that is it can double as a travel pillow in unpredictable weather conditions.

This hoody really packs a lot of features that made it a great consideration for you so, make sure to see what other people say by checking the customer reviews of the Canada Goose Lodge Hoody.

 Canada Goose Lodge Hoody
MaterialBASECAMP 20D®
Insulation750 Fill Power Hutterite White Duck Down
SizeXXS to L
PerksMultiple zippered storage pockets

Analysis of Canada Goose Lodge Down Hoody

The Lodge Hoody is an ideal choice to stay active this winter due to its lightweight design. With the use of smart textile technology, the user can expect to stay warm and safe even in the most extreme cold as it offers complete resistance to wind. Below, we discuss the Canada Goose Lodge Down Hoody in detail with all its features.


The main material used for insulation is down which are tiny fluffy filaments that overlap each other inside the nylon exterior. The interlocking of these filaments creates pockets of air that insulate the jacket and keeps us warm.

The fitting of the hoody can be adjusted using pull tabs near the collar and the front zipper can be extended to the chin. For this, the chin area is guarded with soft fabric for comfort which would otherwise irritate.


The base material of this jacket is nylon, while the padding is made out of polyester. It means that it can be used for the long term without the worry of its wear and tear. If due to some unfortunate events the product is damaged or ripped, The Canada Goose will look to it that the repairs are made or the exterior shell is replaced as their products come with a lifetime warranty.


Most users may feel that the exterior shell of the jacket is too thin that is prone to get punctured. But the exterior shell has to be thin so that the temperature inside the jacket can be regulated or else it ends up suffocating the user with unnecessary heat and poor ventilation.

For better ventilation, users may also choose to unzip the jacket from the bottom that helps regulates the packed heat more efficiently while preventing the elements like rain and snowfall from entering the jacket. Unzipping from the bottom also adds mobility when running, cycling, climbing uphill, and other such activities.


These jackets do not feel cumbersome due to their lightweight design and fit just right, unlike most jackets that make us feel stuffed and fit tight that ends up being quite irritating.

Most jackets have an elastic fitting on the cuffs to prevent loss of heat but also need to be adjusted every time we make a movement using our hands. But the Lodge Hoody is designed with cuffs that enhance the fitting without the need for elastic, and they too fit right without the issue of heat loss.

The presence of interior drawcord that can be accessed from the exterior pockets with the help of pull tabs can be used for better fit around the waist that also traps the heat within, more effectively.


This jacket should not be subjected to dry clean. A gentle machine wash with a mild detergent is recommended. Avoid ironing as it could damage the exterior shell. Note that you do not use bleach for cleaning the matte finish Lodge Hoody.

Miscellaneous Features

The jacket comes with two lower pockets and one additional pocket in the chest area. All of the pockets are provided with a zipper closer and hence are better for storing your valuables in case you get caught up in the unpredictable weather.

At the interior of the lodge hoody, there are two security pockets with zipper closures for added storage space that is safer, especially in crowded areas like malls or stadiums.

Two Different Styles

The Canada Goose Lodge Hoody comes in two variations, namely, the regular down jacket and the Matte finish jacket. In terms of appearance, it’s the matte finish lodge hoody that scores. Nevertheless, both variations will stand up to the user’s expectations.

If you are looking for a leaner and sleeker look, go for the matte finish lodge hoody. If you are an old-school who likes the usual one, then the lodge down hoody is for you.

Matte finish Lodge down hoody is much lighter in weight as compared to the regular down jacket. Although the matte finish hoody may require additional care to maintain, it depends upon the personal preference of each user.

Both variations come in a range of colors for you to choose from. So, get your favorite outfit ready to pair it with your favorite color of the Canada Goose Lodge Hoody.

  • Lightweight design enhances comfort
  • Wind resistant and water-resistant to keep you safe in extreme weather
  • Durability is no issue as it comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Better ventilation than most down jackets can offer
  • Design variation for the user to choose from
  • Adjustable fit as per comfort
  • Ideal for most outdoor activities
  • More space for storage
  • Versatile for everyday use
  • Weaker fabric may cause punctures if used roughly
  • May lose the puff over time

Final Words

canada goose lodge hoody review

The Canada Goose has a range of winter clothes that is perfect for any activity. Their Lodge Hoody is perfect for your next outdoor adventure in the cold weather. Its versatile design enhances comfort and protection instead of reducing mobility and causing irritation.

Staying warm and having fun is never this easy. Get your Canada Goose Lodge Down Hoody this winter to make the best of 2021 and the coming years.

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