Canada Goose Lodge Down Hoody Review: Is It Worth Buying?

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Seeking a perfect winter wear jacket for harsh winters? Your search might just end with the Canada Goose Lodge Down Hoody review!

Since 1957, Canada Goose has been making apparel for harsh winter conditions. The best-selling Lodge Hoody from Canada Goose has been given a new matte finish. 

The Lodge Hoody is perfect for outdoor sports and light carrying since it is warm and windproof while compressing to nearly nothing. Additional safeguards including the full-featured hood, drop-down tail, and additional nylon ripstop shell assist retain essential body heat. As the brand name suggests, the Lodge Down Hoody is made in Canada.

Here is a review of the Lodge Down Hoody from Canada Goose which will help you determine whether the Hoody is worth the hype!


Available Color Options

The Classic Lodge Down Hoody collection features the brand label in its signature colors on the jacket. It comes in 5 classic colors – Black, Black Shine, Frost Grey, Atlantic Navy, and the brand new color Ozone Blue. 

The Lodge Hoody Black Label collection features the brand label in monochromic black colors on the jacket. It comes in 4 colors – Black, Black Shine, Light Grey, and Atlantic Navy. All jacket colors have a matte finish. 

Understanding Size & Fitting

Lodge Down Hoody features the Classic fit type. The jacket’s length reaches the hip. 

The sizes range from XS to 2XL. 

The official Canada Goose website features a size guide to help customers find their perfect size if they don’t know which size to go for. The customer has to put in inputs in the form of measurements that will help the size guide calculate the right measurements to find the customer’s perfect size. 

The size guide asks you to input your age, height, weight, jean waist (the guide uses this to better understand the customer’s body and weight distribution), and shoe size. The size guide allows you to input these measurements in feet and inches, or by metric. Using machine learning, the handy size guide finds the best and optimum size for the customer. 


Thermal Experience Index (TEI)

Canada Goose developed the Thermal Experience Index to help you find the perfect winter wear for your part of the world. When looking for the ideal parka, jacket, or knitwear for your particular location and activity, the Thermal Experience Index (TEI), a simple five-point system, will help you make an educated decision.

A scale is used, with 1 denoting the lightest insulation—lightweight down for athletic pursuits—and 5 denoting the warmest parkas we produce, the sort trusted in the hardest climates in the world. The TEI range has suitable jackets for 5 degrees Celcius, to -30 degrees Celcius or below. 

The 5 ranges are named Lightweight, Versatile, Fundamental, Enduring, and Extreme. No matter where you are, the TEI is a handy guide that will aid you in finding an ideal jacket for all winter temperature ranges. The guide will help you find a jacket for any purpose – whether you are commuting to your workplace, or climbing a mountain. 

When it comes to the Lodge Down Hoody, it lies in the TEI 02 range named Versatile. That means it can withstand temperatures ranging from 10°C / -20°C  or 14°F /  -4°F. This makes it ideal for daily winter wear when you are out and about. 

What Does Lifetime Warranty Include?

Canada Goose offers a Lifetime Warranty, which means that the products are insured under a warranty in their practical lifetime. 

For the duration of the product’s life, which is defined as the typical and customary worn life of the product by the original owner, Canada Goose items purchased from an Authorized Retailer are completely assured against defects in materials and workmanship. 

If a product malfunctions as a result of a manufacturing flaw, the brand will either replace it or fix it at no cost to you. A product of equivalent value and a comparable style will be offered if the precise style cannot be replaced.

Please note that, unless otherwise noted, the Canada Goose guarantee program does not apply to knitwear, footwear, accessories, or joint ventures. Any repairs required as a result of mishaps, negligent handling, incorrect maintenance, or ordinary wear and tear are not covered by this guarantee. 

If the inner clothing tags are removed, this guarantee is null and invalid. Canada Goose may agree to fix any damage for a fair price if it is not covered by the guarantee.



High gusts, light rain, and snow can all be withstood with the help of this hardwearing, incredibly light fabric with ripstop construction. The Hoody is made up of 100% nylon, making it water-resistant. It has no fur. 


To maintain and care for the garment, keep in mind the following instructions:-

  • Cold, gentle-cycle machine washing with a light detergent, only on a front-loading washing machine.
  • Use the Cool setting for tumble drying.
  • Don’t use bleach.
  • Avoid ironing.
  • Avoid dry cleaning

Features Of Lodge Down Hoody

The Lodge Down Hoody has a multitude of features that sets it apart from other winter wear jackets on the market. Some of its special features are:

  • The Hoody is light-weight, water-resistant, and wind-resistant
  • The jacket is downproof.
  • The jacket employs ripstop construction.
  • Easily stores in the right internal zipper pocket and doubles as a travel pillow when the weather is unexpected.
  • A down-filled, adjustable hood provides warmth and weather protection.
  • Tricot cloth is used to line the chin guard for comfort and suppleness.
  • Cuffs with Power Stretch® improve fit and increase comfort.
  • The back hem is longer to provide more coverage and security.
  • Internal drawcord allows for fit customization and draws heat toward the body.
  • A 2-way zipper with a storm flap keeps the elements out.
  • For more mobility or ventilation, unzip from the bottom.
  • It has 3 pockets on the outside – 2 lower and 1 chest pocket on the outside. Every pocket features a zipper closing.
  • Two inner pockets: a mesh drop-in pocket and a security pocket with zipper closure.

Pros & Cons of Lodge Down Hoody

Before we make a verdict, let us see the pros and cons of the Lodge Down Hoody to give you a complete idea about its functionality of the Hoody. 



User Opinions

  • really cozy and fashionable.
  • suitable for a variety of weather circumstances and comfortable.
  • keeps you warm when the temperature is below zero.
  • Heat is well retained by the inside lining.
  • a streamlined design for a clean, uncluttered appearance.

Review by experts

  • High-quality down is produced by geese that were reared organically by Canadian Hutterite communities.
  • A flexible and stylish fit is made up of basic sleeves and an adjustable fit.
  • The jacket may last a very long time if you wash and care for it.
  • Affordable for the quality you receive.



User opinions

  • There have been instances of the stitching falling undone and the zipper becoming stuck.
  • For some mobile activities, the length is insufficient.

Review of experts

  • Due to its small weight, the outer layer may be more susceptible to damage.

Final Words

One of the best short urban coats to wear in-between seasons is the Canada Goose Lodge Jacket. It is a sleek, cozy, and inviting choice. 

The coat is breathable and lightest while still having enough isolation to be worn alone, even though the jacket may be worn with a shell. Its thin exterior cloth, which is prone to tearing, appears to be the sole drawback. 

Despite this, if used ordinarily and laundered annually, this kind of jacket may still endure for up to ten years. It is almost inconceivable that a jacket of this caliber could be produced in Canada at such a competitive cost when compared to comparable coats on the market.

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