Burton Gore-Tex Gloves Review: Tested in the Snow

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Do you want to keep your hands warm and dry in cold weather?

If so, then Burton Gore-Tex gloves are the perfect choice for you. These gloves offer superior protection from harsh winter elements like wind and snow, while also allowing your hands to breathe.

In this review of Burton Gore-Tex Gloves, I’ll take a closer look at the features of these excellent gloves and why they have become one of my favorite gloves for snowboarding.


Waterproof DRYRIDE two-layer fabric shell

Touchscreen Compatible

Gore Warm Technology Insert

Removable Wrist Leash

Adjustable closure


The Burton Gore-Tex Gloves are one of the best winter gloves in 2023. They’re comfortable, durable, and super-warm. Personally, I really like that they’re touchscreen compatible, so if you’re snowboarding out there, you don’t have to remove your gloves to use your smartphone. So, whether you want them for snowboarding, or just for other outdoor activities, go ahead, and give them a try. They are worth every penny.

My Personal Experience with Burton Gore-Tex Gloves

I started using these gloves when my hands felt like they froze to death in my last gloves. I have been wearing them while snowboarding for a month now, and I can say even after having slimmer hands, they did not feel like they were loose on my hands. These gloves have an adjustable closure. 

Even after providing warmth, they feel breathable. They have a two-layer fabric to provide maximum warmth even in the coldest temperatures. It was not difficult to maintain a grip with these gloves on, and they also made it easier to use my phone. 

It also has a soft nose wipe on the thumb. The screen grab liner in it is removable and has a four-way stretchability which makes it easier to adjust to any size of the hands. These gloves offer a Brushed-microfiber fixed lining that pulls moisture away from hands and helps keep them warm.

Even in snowfall, these gloves didn’t get wet and provided warmth. These gloves are waterproof and windproof. Removable fleece lining helped me to use those gloves even in not-so-colder regions

On a three-day skiing trip at Vail Ski Resort in Colorado, I used these gloves. 

Low 30s to high teens were the range of temperatures on the warm side. For the entire range of temperatures, these gloves were effective. They kept me warm when it was cold, and the inner glove absorbed sweat when it was hot. 

By the way, those are without windchill, which would be avoided by wearing these windproof gloves. Wearing the liner or shell separately or together is quite comfortable. They could require 5–10% extra room in the liner and shell since they are both a little snug if I were to be extremely critical. 

Although the liner is worn, the shell really fits perfectly without it. I am an XXL size. It was difficult to push the inner fingers back after I unintentionally moved them away from the case twice. The workmanship is excellent overall, and the adjustment straps work extremely well. 

These are a little bulky, but given their warmth, you would anticipate. By placing the inner glove by a fire at the end of the day, I found it simple to dry them out. One piece of advice is to start by pinching the tip of your middle finger as you take your hand out of the glove. 

I’ve never owned a pair of gloves as toasty as these. Although I haven’t had to use it, I can see how it might be quite practical for more challenging activities. They have held up well with only light use, though I haven’t put them to the test in terms of durability. The water resistance performs as expected. Not a single drop of water entered when dealing with snow and slush.

Since the beginning of time, people have worn gloves, and it appears that Burton is the only firm that pays attention to what makes a good glove. There is nothing about these that I dislike and I really like them overall.

I used the gloves in Jackson Hole for skiing and snowmobiling (day excursion). It includes a beautiful liner inside that you may use if your hands start to get warm or you need to operate a camera, retrieve anything out of your backpack, etc.

The Gore-Tex made a tremendous difference in keeping the gloves on, and the rest of the clothing was kept dry because it was water-repellent.

I’ll remark that the back of the palm is a good spot to put hand warmers because there is room to push down while it doesn’t help.

The back of your hand, though, is still. Due to poor circulation, my son’s hands get very chilly. To combat this, he put on the mittens and tucked two heat warmers between the liner and the glove.

My fingertips (I don’t get cold) became a little nippy after hours, but they were fine on the chair lift ironically when fingers straight very heated. It was -15 on the mountain with a wind chill.

These were fantastic for snowmobiling and were actually a little too warm because the sled had handlebar warmers; I pulled them off occasionally and used liners. They were excellent. I would get the mitts version of them and tuck some hand warmers down if you are REALLY cold in freezing temperatures.

My hands have never had the best blood circulation, so I’m constantly concerned about how long I can stay outside in the bitter cold before my hands start to tingle. I guarantee that while wearing these gloves, your hands won’t get chilly! Although there are pockets for hand warmers, I have never even needed to use one of them.

Features of Burton Gore-Tex Gloves


The Burton Gore-Tex gloves are designed to keep the wearer’s hands feeling warm and comfortable in a wide range of temperatures.

With the combination of an inner glove and a windproof shell, these gloves offer superior insulation from cold temperatures by trapping air near your skin and preventing the loss of body heat. Even in extremely cold conditions, such as those found in Jackson Hole, the Burton Gore-Tex gloves kept my hands warm and comfortable, even after hours of outdoor activities.

Water Resistance

The Burton Gore-Tex gloves feature excellent water resistance, keeping your hands dry even when exposed to snow and slush. The combination of the windproof shell and Gore-Tex fabric helps to repel water and provide a barrier that is both breathable and waterproof.

During outdoor activities such as skiing and snowmobiling, these gloves did an excellent job of keeping my hands dry and free from moisture.


The Burton Gore-Tex Gloves are designed with durability in mind. The outer shell is made of ripstop fabric which is highly resistant to tears and abrasions, while the inner liner is constructed from a blend of fabrics that provide superior flexibility and comfort. The gloves have held up well with only light use, and I have no doubt that they would stand up to more rigorous activities.

Touchscreen Compatibility

The Gore-Tex gloves are designed to offer complete control over your devices without exposing your fingers to the cold weather. These touchscreen-compatible gloves feature a unique design that allows you to utilize the full range of features on your device while keeping your hands warm and dry. The fingertips of the glove are coated with a special conductive material, allowing you to navigate your smartphone without any issues.

This feature is incredibly useful when you need to use your smartphone in cold weather.

Best Alternatives of Burton Gore-Tex Gloves

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The Burton Gore-Tex gloves are an excellent choice for anyone looking to stay warm and dry in cold weather. With superior insulation, waterproof fabric, durable construction, and touchscreen compatibility, these gloves offer a wide range of features that make them ideal for outdoor activities such as snowboarding, skiing, and snowmobiling. Whether you’re looking for warmth or convenience on the go, the Burton gloves have got you covered. So if you’re planning any winter adventures this season be sure to pack your pair!

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