Burton Gore-Tex Gloves in 2021: With Pros & Cons

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Who would say no to snowboarding? It is one of the reasons why people are excited about the upcoming winter season!

A pair of warm and dependable gloves are a must for winter sports enthusiasts. This is important for minimizing the risk of injury during harsh weather and gives a more thrilling experience.

If you don’t know what gloves to get due to the huge variety available in the market, then trusting a well-known brand like Burton will save you!

Let’s find out what makes these Burton Gore-Tex Gloves unique from others by reading this detailed review.

burton warmest gore-tex gloves review

Analysis of Burton Gore Tex Gloves

Any review is incomplete without an unbiased and detailed analysis of the product. In this particular case, the Burton Gore-Tex Gloves are such a hit among their users because of the various superior-quality features like fantastic insulation, variety of sizes, and dependable warmth in freezing winters, etc.

Let’s find out a little more about the features that make these gloves such a hot choice among snowboarders and skiers in 2020.

Warmth & Breathability

The Burton Gore-Tex gloves provide excellent warmth and breathability, especially for winter sports activities like skiing and snowboarding, etc.

The reason behind this is their trademarked ‘Thermacore’ insulation, which provides a proper warmth-to-weight balance without restricting hand movements.

Furthermore, it also comes with their removable ‘DRYRIDE Thermex Liner’ gloves, allowing added breathability and versatility on colder days and extreme weather.

They come with detachable microfiber fleece liners with quick-drying properties that flick away the heat-robbing moisture from your skin, thus keeping your hands dry and comfortable.

Irrespective of whether you are just going out on a walk or indulging in extreme winter activities, the Gore-Tex gloves will make sure that your hands are warm and snug throughout the day.

Water Resistance

As the name suggests, these gloves use their trademarked Gore Warm technology for weather and water resistance.

This, along with their DRYRIDE 2-layer fabric, keeps the gloves dry and waterproof even in frigid weather.

The GORE-TEX membrane+ the Gore Warm technology coupled with other features like ‘Thermacore’ insulation, ‘Toughgrip’ PU palm construction, etc. guarantees waterproofness and long-lasting durability while you ski through freezing terrains.


What’s the point of buying a glove if it doesn’t fit you correctly? However, you don’t need to worry about this problem with Gore-Tex gloves.

These fantastic ski gloves are ergonomically designed for all kinds of users. They come with a pre-curved fit, which will provide superior dexterity while keeping your hands nimble and agile.

So whether you are riding your snowmobile or skiing through snowy mountains, these gloves will not create any hindrance for your hands.

Furthermore, they are also available in varying sizes for different users so that no one has to compromise on the fit and the dexterity of the gloves.

Touchscreen Capacity

This particular feature is a fantastic addition, which makes these gloves a superior choice in their category.

These gloves come installed with total touchscreen control on the shell, which is a complete game-changer.

This feature is especially important when you need quick and uninterrupted access to your electronics when you are out in the snow.

For example: trying to access your snowmobile GPS or your cellphone while you ride around in frigid terrains.

Furthermore, this touchscreen feature works with all five fingers, making it even easier for you to use.

Their trademarked ‘TouchGrip’ palm is installed right in the leather, meaning it will never wear off or wash out.

However, it is essential to note that their liner glove, which comes with the Gore-Tex gloves, is not touchscreen sensitive.


Moving on to the durability of the gloves, the Burton Gore-Tex gloves are made with their ‘DRYRIDE 2 layer’ shell fabric along with ‘Toughgrip’ PU palm construction.

These technologies provide durable extreme cold and other weatherproofing while giving additional versatility.

Furthermore, these gloves come installed with their patented ‘Sticky Icky’ grip palm, which makes sure that you can get a firm grip on anything you choose to hold or use while you are in the middle of your snowboarding or similar adventures.

All these features are what make these gloves so durable and long-lasting while surviving even extreme weather conditions.

These high-performance gloves genuinely excel in all conditions while ensuring that it doesn’t create any hassle for you.

Other Features

Apart from the properties mentioned above, these gloves provide many other additional features.

For starters, they come with a removable wrist leash and vent pockets to make sure that you get plenty of breathability while keeping your hands warm and snug.

Furthermore, Burton offers a one-year manufacturer warranty where you can replace your glove or get your money back in case of any noticeable defect, within 12 months of purchase.

These gloves are also available in an array of eye-catching colors, meaning you can pair these gloves with other stylish winter wear accessories like the Burton Gore-Tex snow goggles, covert jacket, etc.

  • Gore warm technology
  • ‘Sticky Icky’ grip palm
  • ‘DRYRIDE 2-layer fabric
  • ‘Toughgrip’ PU palm
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Removable wrist leash
  • Vent pockets
  • Different colors and sizes
  • ‘TouchGrip’ palm
  • ‘Thermacore’ insulation
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Pre-curved fit
  • Removable glove liner
  • Systematic storm-proofing
  • Microfiber fixed liner
  • Adjustable closure
  • Extremely waterproof
  • Cannot be machine washed
  • Could be more durable
  • Loose stitching
  • A little bulky

Final Words

To sum it up, Burton is one of the most reliable brands in 2020 when it comes to winter, wear clothing, and accessories.

They are dependable, durable, and offer high-quality features, making them a great choice, especially for skiing and snowboarding.

And Burton Gore-Tex gloves are already well-known for their high performance without compromising quality and reliability, particularly in freezing winters.

They do have some shortcomings, but overall it’s a reliable option for anyone looking for affordable, good-quality gloves that get the work done.

Do check out the gloves and let us know below what you think.

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