North Face vs. Patagonia: Which Brand is Better?

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The North Face and Patagonia are both the most popular and trusted brands for the purchase of outdoor garments especially for avid adventurers. However, there is no lie the battle between both the brands in the market in 2020 has confused the crowd to make a perfect choice.

These brands are highly valued and renowned and each of them has its fair share of pros and cons. In this article, we will help you to decide the brand that suits you and your requirements offering the details of each of the brands from their history to product quality. This article is all about the North Face versus Patagonia battle.

Company Overview

The North face

The North Face has been the most popular brand for a long time since its launch in 1966 for their exceptional quality products manufactured especially for the dedicated and steadfast explorers and athletes who are determined to conquer the unfathomable heights. The company has dedicated itself to producing products to serve the ones committed and passionate to save nature and conserve it.

They are mostly known for their travel gear products that include technical mountaineering apparel and equipment essential for a hike or mountain climbing or any outdoor athletic activities. The North face was once the only supplier in the United States of collection of high-performance outerwear, skiwear, sleeping bags, packs, and tents.

Nowadays, along with the technical equipment, they have started to sell winter jackets, sweaters, and other winter apparel as well. The company focuses more on the style and looks more than the technicality of the product. The North Face is the most trusted and valued brand as people blindly have faith in the quality and functionality of the products.


Patagonia positions itself in the market as the anti-consumerist and pro-environmentalist company committed to producing eco-friendly products. The company is highly passionate to save the world and conserve nature.

The company does not work using traditional marketing strategies and is keen on providing the best-required resource for the people around the world compassionate about nature. The company manufactures mountain climbing gear and equipment along with winter wear and casual wear. The gears are made up of extremely reliable and strong material to work in the harshest conditions.

Patagonia uses its business and investments to create a voice around the world to save the environment and the world from extinction. The company follows strict guidelines to produce environmentally conscious products and stretches on recycling every product.

The North Face vs Patagonia

Product Pricing

The North Face offers the customers with numerous style options from which many are affordable while some of the products with an enhanced modern outlook fall into the high price range. Therefore, the North Face is not categorized into the most affordable brands in the market instead it is considered as a luxurious brand.

Patagonia like the North face also falls into the pricier range and is not one of the affordable brands in the market if you are on a tight budget.

Product Quality

The outerwear produced by the North Face is specially designed to be weather-resistant and offer supreme quality insulation. The jackets are highly resistant to wind, water and are breathable to offer ultimate comfort to the wearer. The fabric used in the jackets by the North Face creates a barrier between the outside and inside of the jacket preventing the entry of cold winds.

The special insulation feature of the jackets keeps you warm and comfortable in them and allows you to conquer the most difficult terrains. The materials are extremely strong, durable, and can withstand all weather conditions.

Patagonia uses the finest fabrics mostly recycled or sourced through ethical ways in the production of various products. They are water-proof, weather-resistant, wind-resistant, and extremely durable. The Longevity of the garments from Patagonia is exceptionally long and is breathable.

The 24 Killer Wash testing process used by the company tests the ability of the products to withstand the harshest condition possible. This test ensures the durability and longevity of the products making it a highly reliable brand.


The North Face is known for its beautiful designs and looks using the most conventional ideas for the manufacture of its products. The product’s classic and cool styles attract the young generation more than normal.

Patagonia products are extremely popular in the market because of their use of premium quality fabrics in the manufacture and designing of different products. The extensive testing, use of recycled materials, and highly functional designs make it an obvious choice in the market.


The North Face offers its customer a lifetime warranty and repairing services although their products are highly well-made accidents are unpredictable.

Patagonia offers iron-clad guarantee to all its customers that allows them to return, replace or repair the product from the store they bought it anytime.


The North Face manufactures and designs its product using recycled materials such as polyester. They also prefer organic materials like cotton and down to manufacture its product keeping in view the safety of the environment and its influence on the environment. The company uses DWR treatments for the manufacturing of weather-resistant outerwear that contains chemicals harmful to the environment.

However, the company is looking forward to replacing the DWR treatments used products with the PFC free products to minimize the damage to the environment. The North Face also uses some advanced technologies to manufacture its product such as the Gore-Tex technology, the Dry-Vent technology, and FlashDry technology.

The materials used by Patagonia are all recycled and obtained in ethical and accountable ways. The company uses premium quality fabrics in the production of different products that influence the price of the product. They also use Gore-Tex technology along with a technology developed by themselves; the H2No technology.

Patagonia also uses DWR treatments for the manufacture of water-repellent garments. The Deluge DWR coating used on the garments increases the durability of the product and makes it everlasting in all weather conditions.

Final Words

The North Face and Patagonia have similar face value the only difference lies in its manufacturing techniques and the materials used. The North Face has a wider range of products in the market than Patagonia focussed more on the designs of the product to create trendy outfits.

Patagonia emphasizes more on the technical performance of the product to make their jackets wearable in all conditions and highly durable.

The North Face or Patagonia, the last choice depends on you and your requirements or features you are looking for. We hope this article helps you to choose the perfect option for you and removes all the confusion.

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