Marmot vs Patagonia: {Head-to-Head Comparison in 2022}

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Which brand is better – Marmot, or Patagonia?

Well, Patagonia and Marmot are two brands that are undoubtedly familiar to anybody trying to purchase clothing for hobbies like hiking, camping, or any other outdoor activity. 

Many devoted and new consumers alike like these two of the most well-known companies when it comes to outdoor clothing. 

Confused as to which outdoor apparel giant is better – Marmot or Patagonia? This article will answer your question.

Company History


History of Marmot

Marmot is an outdoor recreation clothing and athletic products firm that was born in 1974 as “Marmot Mountain Works.” Eric Reynolds and Dave Huntley, two friends from the University of California, formed the Marmot Club, a social organization that blended mountain climbing with an eccentric sense of belonging and community. 

The two friends got to know Tom Boyce, a local, through this group. The three were all interested in creating their climbing gear. In their dorm rooms, Eric and Dave first made their parkas and sleeping bags before collaborating with Boyce to create outdoor apparel. 

The trio relocated the business to Durango and into an abandoned dry goods store two years before Marmot was created. Huntley created the original prototype gear that Boyce was using on the Wolper Productions/National Geographic documentary Journey to the Outer Limits about the Colorado Outward Bound School, and Boyce secured an order for the climbing gear used in the Clint Eastwood-starring film The Eiger Sanction. 

Cameraman Mike Hoover witnessed the equipment Boyce was using while it was being recorded in Peru while working on this documentary. Hoover then worked on Eiger Sanction. Mike Hoover phoned Boyce just before Christmas 1973 and gave her the order that resulted in the establishment of the business in Grand Junction.


History of Patagonia

Patagonia is an American outdoor apparel shop. Yvon Chouinard established Patagonia in 1973. The brand has its headquarters in Ventura, California. Yvon became passionate about the outdoors at a young age, especially pursuits like fishing. 

Yvon Chouinard’s passion for the outdoors and climbing only grew once his family relocated to California. However, he was unable to locate any climbing gear that he believed met his demands. So, following in his father’s footsteps, he started manufacturing it himself at the age of 19. He founded Chouinard Equipment in 1964 in collaboration with aviation engineer Tom Frost. 

Brand Popularity and Number of Stores


Marmot is one of the largest outdoor brands in North America. It has around 180 concept stores globally. Even though it has opened two flagship stores in UK and Germany, Marmot appeals more to North American audiences and has more reach nationally in the US compared to other countries.

Currently, Marmot’s official Instagram page has nearly half a million followers. 

Instagram Popularity of Marmot


Patagonia official outlets

Compared to Marmot, Patagonia has more of an international reach even if it is not as big as Marmot in North America. The brand has hundreds of concept stores in 10+ countries across 5 continents. 

This, coupled with the fact that Patagonia has factories in 16 countries, is a testimony of Patagonia’s international reach.

Currently, Patagonia’s official Instagram page has 4.8 million followers, proving that it is more popular than Marmot globally. 

Instagram Presence of Patagonia

Types Of Products Marmot And Patagonia Offer


Marmot sells a wide range of products suitable for a multitude of outdoor activities. The products include not only outdoor apparel, but also equipment for activities such as hiking. 

Their range of products includes jackets, tops, bottoms, vests, and accessories for men and women. They also have a clothing collection that caters exclusively to children. It includes jackets, bottoms, tops, and equipment like sleeping bags. 

Products on Marmot

Apart from apparel, Marmot is well known for outdoor equipment like sleeping bags, backpacks, and luggage. The list of equipment also includes tents of various sizes, something that Patagonia’s equipment list does not offer. 

Outdoor Equipment on Marmot


Patagonia is mainly known for its upscale outdoor clothing range that is sustainable. The brand has a range of outdoor apparel designed for sports like climbing, surfing, skiing, snowboarding, fly-fishing, and trail running. 

Sports available on Patagonia

Like Marmot, the range of apparel is available for men, women, and children. However, Patagonia’s range also includes babies. Apart from apparel, Patagonia also offers athletic equipment such as backpacks, climbing gear, and sleeping bags. 

Products on Patagonia

The brand also sells food and drink specifically for camping purposes, something that Margot’s product range lacks. 

How Costly Are Their Products?

When it comes to pricing, both Patagonia and Marmot have apparel that is slightly expensive due to their high-performance product range which is made using sustainable materials and revolutionary eco-friendly technologies. 

Both brands provide premium outdoor wear, which is why the products are priced at a higher rate. However, the high durability of the products justifies the price tags.

For example, when we compare the jacket collection of both brands, Patagonia offers jackets starting from $100, while most of Marmot’s jacket collection falls under the price range of $100 – $300. 

However, Marmot also offers a few affordable jacket options that fall below the $100 price tag. Therefore, concerning jackets, jackets by Marmot are more affordable, especially when it comes to designs that are similar to Patagonia’s jacket range. 

Apart from jackets, other products common to both brands are closely matched when it comes to prices. 

Warranty And Replacement


Patagonia’s products offer a lifetime warranty for all their products, including used products. Patagonia’s ironclad Guarantee program assures customers that if they are dissatisfied with any of their products, they can return them to the Patagonia store they bought the product from. 

Ironclad Guarantee by Patagonia

The product can be replaced or the customer will be provided a refund. Patagonia also offers an option for repairs. The brand carries out all repairs free of charge. Once the repairs are done Patagonia ships the items back to you without charging you for shipping. In peak times, repairs can take from 6-8 weeks. 


Unlike Patagonia, Marmot offers a limited lifetime warranty. The brand does not offer a warranty for its used products. Customers are given the option to replace or repair the items that come under Marmot’s warranty

Lifetime warranty by Marmot

The warranty offers a replacement for only manufacturing defects, broken zips and stitches, and problems with Velcro. It does not offer a warranty for normal wear and tear, negligence, and damage. Repairs are carried out at a reasonable cost, and the time for repairs can be 10-13 weeks. 

Availability Of Used Items

Even though marmot uses upcycled materials in its manufacturing process, it does not sell used items officially. Second-hand products are not sold on the official Marmot website or in Marmot stores, and they are not covered under the warranty. 

Patagonia, on the other hand, sells used products under its Worn wear Patagonia program. Patagonia is unrelenting when it comes to sustainable practices, and it firmly believes in extending the life of its apparel and equipment. Therefore, it introduced a different section under its official website, called Worn Wear Patagonia. 

Buy Used from Worn Wear by Patagonia

Through this, customers can buy used products or sell their Patagonia products in exchange for credit points on their future Patagonia purchases. The option of trading used apparel and equipment is also offered.  All used products under Worn wear Patagonia are covered under Patagonia’s Ironclad Guarantee. 

Do They Give Back Something To The Society? 

Marmot consistently tries to reduce its carbon footprint by reducing transportation. Since 2011, Marmot has made efforts to reduce its air shipment by almost 60 percent. 

Apart from this, Marmot uses recycled and upcycled materials for its apparel and equipment. The brand also employs eco-friendly technologies like PFC-free impregnation called EvoDry. 

Not only does marmot care for the planet, but it also gives back to society by supporting NGOs and encouraging employees to donate to various charities through its donation-match program. It also employs Fair Trade policies in its manufacturing centers for the wellness of its workers. 

Patagonia is a brand that strongly believes in sustainability and environmental ethics. It uses eco-friendly and recycled materials. Under Worn Wear Patagonia, the brand takes things up a notch by setting up the marketplace of used products to encourage customers to buy and sell used Patagonia products. 

The brand has also pledged 1 percent of its total sales to the restoration and conservation of the environment and natural habitats. It carries out this cause under the ‘1% For the Planet’ initiative. 

Patagonia 1% for the Planet

Patagonia also takes its social responsibility seriously and has developed a powerful social responsibility program. The program focuses on creating a positive impact on the lives of those communities and workers that are part of the company’s supply chain. 

Which Brand Is Better – Patagonia Or Marmot? 

Both brands are excellent choices when it comes to high-performing, weather-resistant apparel, and equipment. However, Patagonia offers a wider product range than Marmot. Patagonia also has more warranty options under its Ironclad Guarantee, as compared to marmot, which has limited warranty options. 

Patagonia actively participates in environmental activism and is a more sustainable brand than Marmot, making it an excellent option for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Patagonia is also a more popular choice and has more stores globally, compared to Marmot.

Therefore, we can say that Patagonia is better, even though Marmot is not a bad choice.

However, if you want to compare Patagonia with a bigger brand like North Face, then you should read our article where we compared Patagonia with The North Face.  

Is Marmot A Good Brand?

Although Marmot is a good brand, it seems to have lost its luster after its merger with Newell brands. The company is falling behind in innovation. Despite these shortcomings, Marmot offers an impressive product range. 

As compared to Patagonia, Marmot has the advantage of offering tents in its product range, as well as lighter and more affordable jackets. All products of Marmot are high-performance and highly weather-resistant. The quality of the products matches their prices. Once you buy a marmot product, it will surely last for years. 

Final Words

Marmot and Patagonia- both are outdoor apparel giants. Both create in producing sustainable apparel and equipment, and both offer excellent quality products. Each brand has its pros and cons and has something to offer for an outdoor enthusiast. 

The online reported experiences of customers of both brands are excellent with hardly any complaints. In the end, it all depends on your personal preferences. The perfect brand choice for you also depends on what exactly you are searching for. 

Well, the likelihood that you will be dissatisfied with either of these premium brands is quite low!

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