Dryguy Boot Dryer Review: Tried, Tested, & Trusted

Every one of us had to wear damp shoes at least once in our lives. It’s not the experience you want to have every day, or even occasionally.

You’d have a fun day hiking, skiing, or playing sports, come home, take off your shoes, and think that tomorrow you could wear them again. But then the next day, your shoes are either still wet or somewhat damp.

A boot and glove dryer can solve your problem, but with so many options available, it’s hard to choose one. Our review of Dryguy Force DX Boot Dryer will help with that.

Dryguy Boot Dryer Review

Analysis of Dryguy Force DX Boot Dryer Review

In the year 2020, when we have such advanced technology, using a hairdryer or an ordinary clothes dryer for your boots and shoes makes your life harder. Why go through all that trouble if you can put your wet shoes, socks somewhere, and a couple of hours later find them dry?

After all, that’s what Dryguy created their boot dryer for.

With the Dryguy device, you don’t have to do much; just put your clothing on the tubes, set the timer, and leave it to do its job.

Let’s take a close look at the features that make this boot dryer a valuable helper in your daily life.

Forced Air Method

Dryguy Force DX Boot Dryer uses a forced air method to dry your footwear. Compared to the natural convection method, the forced air method is faster, but a little noisy. The forced air method takes only 1-3 hours, while convection’s drying time is 3-6 hours.

The noise comes from the fan, which draws the air into the device. Then the air gets heated and pushed through your shoes.

Although the boot dryer does make some noise, it won’t disturb you much, and it’s a small price to pay for getting dry boots quickly.

Drying Tubes for Multiple Garments

The boot dryer has four tubes, meaning you can dry a pair of ski boots and your chosen ice-fishing socks or a pair of shoes and your preferred ski gloves at the same time.

That’s perfect if you have a few days of hunting or ice fishing planned and need to dry your things quickly.

It’ll take the dryer approximately one hour to dry your rubber boots, an hour and a half for Pac boots. Your gloves might take a little longer to get dried.

The accurate time depends on the degree of wetness though.

Extension Tubes

Do you have a particular pair of tall ice-fishing boots or similar footwear that often get soaked while protecting your feet from the extreme cold? And it makes you doubt buying the Dryguy Boot dryer because you don’t think your boots will fit on the built-in tubes.

For that reason, Dryguy included two removable extension tubes in the package.

Just attach them to any of the built-in tubes, and the dryer is ready to dry your tall boots. These extension tubes are suitable for up to 16-inch boots.

If you need to dry two pairs of tall boots simultaneously, you can buy a pair of additional extension tubes.

Gentle Heat

When it comes to entrusting your footwear to a dryer, the first thing you worry about is damage. You wouldn’t want your favorite pair of shoes to shrink or come apart.

You can trust the Dryguy boot dryer to take care of your footwear and garments. It heats up only to 40.5-degrees Celsius, and the temperature won’t ruin any liners, boots, or clothes.

Heat/No Heat Switch

Having a heat/no heat switch broadens the ways you can use your boot dryer. For example, unless you sweat a lot, your sports shoes don’t require heat to dry up. Circulating forced air is enough for them to get rid of wetness and smells.

No heat option is also great if you are in a rush and need to put your shoes on immediately after they dry up. Otherwise, heated shoes will make your feet sweat again.

The heat option comes in handy for extremely wet shoes, ski boots, or those UGG boots that you wear in cold weather.

Removal of Odors and Bacteria

You might know this already, but the unpleasant smell in your shoes doesn’t appear there because you sweat in them. It’s the mixture of your sweat and bacteria. Bacteria love and thrive in moisture, so if you keep wearing your shoes without letting them dry, more bacteria will appear, and the smell will get worse.

The Dryguy Boot Dryer will dry your shoes fast, get rid of smell and bacteria, and you won’t have to take drastic measures, such as freezing your shoes or using baking soda.


You’ll love having a timer feature on your boot dryer.

For one, you don’t have to keep watching the device, waiting for it to finish. The dryer will turn off automatically when the timer stops.

You’ll also find it convenient to be able to set your timer for the time you need, whether it’s thirty minutes or three hours.

  • Relatively quiet
  • Quick-drying
  • Can dry several things simultaneously
  • Extension tubes for tall boots
  • Heat/no heat switch
  • Up to three hours timer
  • Removes unpleasant smells
  • Stops the growth of bacteria
  • Produced heat won’t ruin boots/gloves
  • Takes longer to dry gloves
  • Comparably narrower for 2 pairs of boots

Final Words

The Dryguy Boot Dryer is a device everyone needs.

If you love the outdoors, your boot dryer will make sure your footwear is always dry and ready for use.

If you work out a lot, your shoes won’t ever have a bad smell.

If you don’t think any of the above things apply to you, you still have to take care of your shoes, wash them, right? The dryer will get them ready for you in no time.

With the Dryguy dryer, you can forget the feeling of damp shoes on your feet forever.

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