Dakine Fall Line Ski Roller Bag Review: (Updated 2021)

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Winter season is coming and you can now schedule your most awaited ski trip this 2021!

You should now start packing your gear, outwears, and equipment in one bag. Yes, you heard me right! A waterproof that has bluesign approved material is what you need. 

If you’ve been looking for a bag that fits everything you’ll need on your ski trip, we highly recommend this Dakine Fall Line Ski Roller Bag.

Let’s find out more about this winning product from Dakine. 

Dakine Fall Line Ski Roller Bag
Material600D polyester
WaterproofingBluesign® water repellent finish
DesignEfficient protection, layering and movement
Color9 color choices
Dimensions30 x 20 x 188 cm and 30 x 20 x 203 cm
Size175 cm and 190 cm
PerksEnd handle pairs with rolling luggage for one-handed operation
Weight6.2 pounds

Review of Dakine Fall Line Ski Roller Bag

Features of Dakine Fall Line Ski Roller Bag

To help you save a ton of space in your luggage and have pads secure your equipment, the Dakine Fall Line Ski Roller Bag is the perfect bag to keep your ski gear on a long trip. This ski bag would do great for alpine ski and freeride ski. It is reliable and worth every penny you spend on it. Want to know more about this ski bag? Keep on reading and read its features down below for the skier’s go-to bag.

dakine fall line ski roller travel bag review


The Dalkin Fall Line Ski Roller Bag is very spacious, you will be able to fit 2 pairs of skis, a set of poles, and your outerwear. A must-have for your upcoming snowboarding and skiing trip. Now, for your ski boots, the bag also comes with a removable boot bag. The features mentioned are pretty sweet, right? But there is more, there is also a zippered external pocket to keep your ski gloves, hats, travel guides, and reading materials for easy access which is a great solution to any kind of ski trip you can have this year. Also, the boot bag is waterproof and can be closed tightly with a zipper.


The Dalkin Fall Line Ski Roller Bag has a tow handle that easily pairs with a rolling luggage bag and one-handed navigation at the airport. You have to clip the ski bag into your luggage, and you are good to go. This ski bag also equips durable, oversized 9cm urethane wheels to easily room around the airport or hotel that you will be staying in. Its full padding makes sure that anything you put inside can and will withstand international travel obstacles. It truly is a game-changer compared to your typical ski bags.

Sizes & Weight

Ever feel like size is a problem because your skis might not fit right in, worry not because the Dakine Fall Line Ski Roller bag comes in two sizes, one can fit skis with a maximum length of 175cm while the other size can fit skis with a maximum length of 190cm. This ski bag weighs 2.8 kilograms, which is not as heavy as most ski bags, making it easy to carry around.


The Dakine Fall Line Ski Roller Bag comes in eleven different colors, so if you ever have a color scheme planned for your winter trip to match your whole outfit, then you could simply choose from these colors: Begonia, Black, Black​/Tandoori Spice, Caramel, Dark Olive ​/ Dark Rose, Dark Slate, Deep Red, Hoxton​/Black, Olive Ashcroft Coated, and Shadow Dash. The options are endless.

Other Features

The Dalkin Fall Line Ski Roller Bag’s fabric comprises 600D Polyester Stone Lining Ripstop with print and water repellent finish, bluesign approved material. This goes around the whole bag, ensuring that all of your gear like your skiing walkie-talkie or your masks & balaclava stays in place, while also certifying its safety during skiing travel.

Final Words

Are you still not convinced with all these skiing bag perks? Not only are you saving up space for your luggage, but the whole ski bag is saving your time from getting caught up at the airport by keeping your gear intact, it lessens your chances of losing your stuff. Start traveling with ease; the ski bag has many convenient features that could sweep anyone off their feet.

This is also Dakine’s most popular ski roller bag because of its versatility. It has so much room to keep everything you need for a weeklong ski adventure, other than your clothes and gear; you can squeeze in a few of your charms inside for extra safety while skiing.

It would be best if you considered getting yourself a Dakine Fall Line Ski Roller Bag to know the difference you will experience once you finally use it during your next ski trip. Do not miss out on all the convenience that this ski bag has to offer and go get yours now.

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