Women’s Monosuits: Best One Piece Snowmobile Suits for Women 

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If you are a woman snowmobile rider, you might know how tricky it is to find a good one-piece snowmobile suit. And if you have been going for a smaller size of men’s snowmobile monosuits, then it’s high time you go for women’s snowmobile monosuits soon! 

Read this article to know how you can find a good women’s one-piece snowmobile suit.

Are Women’s Monosuits Different From Men’s Monosuits? 

Women's Monosuits


Wondering why and how? It’s because the body structure of women is quite different from men’s. Though the features of waterproofness, durability and ventilation system remain the same in both men’s and women’s monosuits, the size and fitting differ a lot.

You can very well look at a monosuit and say if it’s a women’s or men’s. But how do you find one for yourself? 

Women need to go for snowmobile monosuits made and designed especially for women. Here’s why you must do it.

The chest size and waist-hip ratio differ for women. Women tend to have narrower shoulders and curved hips when compared to men. This makes the fitting differ. 

If you go for a men’s snowmobile monosuit by going for a size smaller, you might think it will fit well, but it’s the wrong idea! Though it might seem to fit, you might not get that perfect warmth and insulation due to some extra space. 

So it’s better to go for a women’s snowmobile monosuit. 

Do Major Brands Manufacture Snowmobile Monosuits Specifically Designed for Women? 

branded Snowmobile Monosuits for Women

Yes, they do! 

Here are some brands that manufacture women’s snowmobile monosuits. Go through these models before you get one:

These brands also offer other models of women’s snowmobile monosuits. So yeah, all the women snowmobile riders out there you are not left out!  There are more options for you! 

Also, all these major brands offer a variety of colors from basic colors to feminine colors as well. 

Final Words

Hope this article has given you what you had been searching for! Women snowmobile riders need to go for snowmobile monosuits specifically designed for females. 

Go on and grab your monosuit and have safe, comfortable, and thrilling snowmobiling! 

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