Why are Hockey Tickets So Expensive

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Hockey is a popular sport. Played all across the globe, the game’s popularity and stardom are relevant in the face of people’s support and enthusiasm. Hockey season is looked upon by many fans who go to witness their favorite star and sport. In such circumstances, the demand for the sport increases the price of tickets that are available for a limited number of seats. Like tickets for any other popular sport, hockey tickets have become expensive with a rise in demand from the fans. However, the reasons may also be different in other cases.


As a sport, hockey has a strong following in many parts of the world. In such places where a lot of people follow hockey, the demand for tickets is exceedingly high. This is because of the imbalance between the supply and demand of the seats available for viewers. As a result of the high demand, the price of tickets drives up. As for the fans, they are willing to pay the maximum price to see their favorite teams play live. 

Limited Supply

National Hockey League or the NHL arenas are known to have only a limited number of seats available. This has an immediate effect on the application of tickets and their prices. Limited seats tend to spark competition among the fans which results in a rise in the prices. This makes the tickets very expensive to purchase.  

Player Salaries

Professional hockey players who play in the NHL or other famous sporting leagues tend to earn substantial amounts of money as salaries. To pay their salaries and sponsor the team, revenue needs to be earned to cover expenses. The money to do this comes from tickets. Tickets constitute a major part of these revenues that are used to cover these costs. So the prices of these tickets often get set accordingly.  

Operating Costs 

The NHL arena is very large and expensive. Operating and maintaining the NHL area is expensive because costs include ice maintenance, staff salaries, and security, among others. Such costs are passed on to customers usually through the price of tickets. Thus, the prices of tickets become exceedingly high. These costs are typically passed on to consumers through ticket prices.

why are hockey tickets so expensive

Entertainment Value

A single NHL game is sometimes a lifetime dream. Attending an NHL game of their favorite team is a unique and immersive experience that might be the lifelong dream of many fans. They find this highly entertaining and motivating. Live action on the ice, combined with fan action and engagement, and the overall atmosphere contribute to the perceived value of the ticket which soars quite high.  

Secondary Market

Secondary ticket markets, also sometimes called black markets, resell tickets at higher prices after purchasing them at the right prices. This can influence the cost of tickets and increase their prices. Scalpers and ticket resale platforms also have the possibility of causing inflation as they tamper with demand and availability. 

Team Success

Higher ticket prices are commanded by successful teams. This is because, with increased popularity and fame, more people are willing to pay more to see their favorite teams win. 

Venue Location

The price of tickets is largely dependent on the location or the area of the match/ event. Arenas that are situated in prime urban locations or places that are popular tourist destinations attract more people. They may charge higher prices for tickets as they are located in desirable and populated areas.  

Premium Seating Options

Premium seating options, such as luxury suites and club seats are offered by many arenas. These premium choices come with better views, catering, and exclusive access. These and other additional facilities can be purchased by paying more money in the form of more expensive tickets. 

Season Ticket Holders

People who watch the games of an entire season can purchase tickets at a discounted price. To make up for this loss, individual  Compared to this, single-game buyers need to pay more for tier tickets. The lost money is made up of Season ticket holders who often get discounts compared to single-game buyers. To make up for this, individual game tickets may be sold higher to maintain overall revenue levels.


The price of tickets depends on many factors. They are dependent on factors such as the team that is playing, the location where the stadium or area is situated, the opponents the team is playing against, and the quality of seats as well as their location within the arena. Fans often have options to choose from based on their budget and preferences. This can differ from a range of affordable seats in the upper levels to the expensive premium seats that are so much closer to the live action taking place.

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