Meriwool vs. Smartwool: A Comparison to Wool Brands

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An adventure won’t be fun if you don’t have the right gear with you!

May it be about the clothing or your accessories, every little thing matters to have a worthwhile experience without anything impeding your chance to make the most out of the moment!

Hence, we will talk about the battle between two brands when it comes to the proper material for your entire travel journey: the Meriwool vs. Smartwool.

Wool is something you need to keep you comfortable throughout your escapades, yet we don’t know which brand to buy from.

Both these brands use Merino wool as their primary product component. Which is better?

Would it be Meriwool, or does Smartwool work best?

Let’s check them out.

What is Merino wool?

You might not have known about it yet, but Merino wool is a natural fiber grown a whole year-round by Merino sheep in Australia.

This wool contains keratin with calcium, sodium, and fat. You may not see its relevance to the Merino wool clothing you have, but these components make the Merino wool the best in the world from being the softest one that brands can find.

A Merino wool is the softest and finest wool in the world, and it gives natural benefits that can sustain our needs of comfort and dependability when it comes to base layers or outdoor clothing for layering.


You might not have heard of this brand yet, but Meriwool takes pride in making the most comfortable, naturally cozy, and the softest Merino wool base layers that users can have for their outdoor escapades.

They make high-quality Merino wool layers at the best and most affordable value, so users won’t need to worry about investing too much in clothing!

It is founded by a group of friends who share the same passions that made them come together and make this brand. They love being outdoors, and they want to make a real difference for people through their clothing line.

This brand is directly sourced from Australia, and their Merino wool is breathable and pure while letting you maintain the natural outdoor feeling and being one with the Earth.

They make products for men, women, and kids that are perfect for providing warmth when the season begins to change.

This brand values users’ comfort, product performance, and affordability.

All Meriwool products are made from authentic Merino wool from Australia, and this wool provides no itching nor discomfort. This clothing helps you move freely and conveniently in any weather condition. Whether you are playing winter activities or just strolling down the street in the winter season, this brand can assure you that they will stay by your side, making sure you feel warm and cozy.


Very known for its excellent product class, Smartwool makes high-quality Merino wool socks and various apparel that makes up to your needs every time you go out to travel. They dedicated themselves to making gear designed to keep adventurers confident and cozy when venturing out in the wild, and they give positive environmental help.

These apparels are meant for different outdoor activities, ensuring that runners, hikers, hunters, travelers, and many more adventurous people can feel what an authentic Merino wool can do for coverage.

It does not only stop covering people’s bodies, but it also benefits our planet to become more sustainable and keep away from harmful fast fashion.

Smartwool has already recycled 7.5 tons of wool into their Smartloft insulation, and it helped commit 700,000 acres to regenerative farming. As fascinating as it sounds, they have been making products not only for customers but for society, too.

While they are building an outdoor community for customers to purchase their products, they are also making a change for the world. This company’s goal is to defeat climate change and ensure everyone has access to the outdoors. It does not just start with their product, but with the people involved in the community and Earth!

Meriwool vs. Smartwool

  • Smartwool incorporates saving planet Earth while making their products the best quality they can offer users. Meriwool might not have this in their company’s description. Still, they aim to change people’s lives by giving them the most comfortable Merino wool base layers to use during different seasons.
  • Although both brands use premium Merino wool for their products, Meriwool is less itchy than Smartwool, and it is best for people with sensitive skin.
  • Meriwool does not restrict your body from the fit it gives. Smartwool has a restrictive fabric to the skin, but it depends on which type of clothing people prefer. Some will choose nice fitting clothes while being out in the wild, while some like it when the clothes can restrict their bodies in little ways.
  • Smartwool is a well-known brand for Merino wool, and they have already published their name, making an excellent image for the products they produce. Meriwool is still a starting company when it comes to selling Merino wool base layers, but they offer the best quality clothing for people’s layering during adventures.
  • Meriwool is much more affordable than Smartwool, while they make their products with Merino wool as their main component.
  • Since Meriwool is cheaper than Smartwool, some products, like their bottoms, can create more fuzzballs and grab more debris after multiple uses. Smartwool’s bottoms are much less disintegrating from the clothing; hence they are more comfortable than Meriwool’s.
  • Meriwool focuses on basic and classic designs since they focus on next-to-skin clothing or outer layer clothing. Their designs are plainer and simpler, while Smartwool makes different designs captive to people’s eyes.

Which One Is Better?

Meriwool makes great base layers and outer layer clothing for people; the same goes for Smartwool. When it comes to the quality of tops, Meriwool will be a more fantastic bet for it is soft and cozy and less itchy for people. However, bottoms make Smartwool a better choice because their product is more established and neater, keeping them from getting fuzzballs.

Smartwool makes more designs than Meriwool, but if you are looking for affordable wool clothing, Meriwool is the best for you.

Final Words

It is never an easy choice to pick between Meriwool and Smartwool because both brands are the best in their ways. One brand is more established, and the other is still growing, but both can cater to people’s needs without harming the planet. 

It depends on the consumer’s preference for which one will work better, but both these brands are excellent for making products for people while being sustainable at the same time!

Are you excited to get your Merino wool yet?

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