How to Wash Snowboarding Clothes

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Washing your snowboarding clothes is indispensable for a fantastic snowboarding experience! You always want them clean, comfy, and smelling fresh for your next adventure. Your dedication to proper care and hygiene helps with the longevity of your gear, maintaining its special features like waterproofing and insulation. 

Make sure you know the best methods of washing your snowboarding clothes to make it as efficient for you while giving your clothes the best care to keep everything in tip-top shape for the slopes!

Things You Need to Wash Snowboarding Clothes

  • Mild detergent
  • Stain remover
  • Washing machine (a front load is preferable)
  • Waterproofing product (if needed)
  • Dryer (optional)
  • Towel or cotton cloth

A Step-by-Step on How to Wash a Snowboarding Clothes

Check the Care Label

Before you begin, carefully read the care label on your snowboarding clothes. It provides instructions for washing and drying that are specific to your garment. 

Pre-treat Stains (if necessary)

To pre-treat stubborn stains on your snowboard clothes, use a towel to rub in mild liquid detergent or stain remover designed for the fabric to the stained areas and leave them to process. Avoid the use of bleach or any other hash chemicals.

Zip and Fasten 

To avoid tangling and damage to your snowboard clothes, close all zippers and fasten any flaps and strings.

Load the Washing Machine

When placing your snowboarding clothes in the washing machine, avoid overloading to give them enough room to move freely. Use cold or warm water to protect the waterproof coatings and longevity of the cloth. Put the machine on a gentle or delicate cycle.

Add Detergent

Be sure to use a detergent suitable for technical or outdoor clothing. Use the recommended amount of mild detergent.


According to your label instructions, you can either:

Hang Dry

If the care label requires that you hang your snowboarding clothes, use hangers or drying racks to maintain their shape. Allow them to air dry in a well-ventilated area, or use a fan to speed up the process. Avoid direct heat.

Tumble Dry

Machine drying is easier and quicker. If it is permitted, use a tumble dryer with a low-heat setting to avoid damage to clothes and stretching of woolen or synthetic material. You can add tennis balls to help restore the loft in insulated garments.

Waterproofing Treatment

If the waterproofing on your gear has worn off, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to apply waterproofing. This is best done after your clothes have properly dried, and before storing them away.


Once your snowboarding clothes are dry and appropriately cared for, store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. You can use garment bags or storage bins to protect them from dust and moisture.

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Precautions to Take When Cleaning Snowboarding Clothes

  • Be aware of the temperature when washing or tumble drying. Heat-sensitive materials and coatings can easily deteriorate and lose their features and longevity.
  • Avoid using any sort of bleach or strong chemicals to treat stains. This may affect the makeup of the cloth materials and special properties. They damage and discolor your snowboarding clothes.
  • When putting your clothes in the wash or the dryer, maintain a gentle to mild cycle to avoid the tearing and stretching of the garments. Do not overload the machine since this reduces the cleaning capacity and stresses the cloth materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I remove stubborn stains from my snowboarding clothes?

Spot-treat the stained area by dabbing a small amount of mild detergent or a stain remover on the stain. Use a soft brush or cloth to rub in the detergent. Allow it to sit for a few minutes. Then, wash the garment following the care label instructions. Check if the stain is gone after washing; if not, repeat the process. 

Q. Can I wash my snowboarding clothes with other clothing?

Avoid washing your snowboarding clothes with other clothing as the materials and parts on them could potentially damage your snowboarding gear. 

Q. Should I use regular detergent to wash my snowboarding clothes?

Unless specified otherwise, it is not safe to use regular detergent to wash snowboarding clothes. Always use mild liquid detergent or detergent for technical gear or outerwear to avoid damage.


To make your snowboarding vacation an absolute blast, the hygiene and feel of your clothes becomes essential. Following these guides and precautions to clean and maintain your snowboarding clothes helps to make it easy and efficient while giving you the best outcome. 

Following the best guide to keep your clothes fresh and at peak performance will guarantee that your experience on the slopes is an unforgettable one.

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