How to Wash a Snowboard Jacket: A Step-by-Step Guide

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No one wants to be dragged down by a dirty jacket that smells and feels nasty. Especially when on a vacation to beautiful snowcapped regions with your friends and family. Taking proper care of such essential and expensive products allows you to keep them long-lasting and at their peak performance.

The washing and drying of your Snowboard jackets may seem scary but equipped with proper knowledge, you can get the maximum benefit out of them while remaining comfortable, clean, and cozy!

How to Wash a Snowboard Jacket

Washing a snowboard jacket is important to maintain its waterproof and insulating properties. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to wash your snowboard jacket:

Materials you’ll need

  • Mild detergent (Nikwax Tech Wash or a similar product is ideal)
  • Soft brush or sponge
  • Front-loading washing machine (if not available, use a large bathtub)
  • Clean, lint-free towels
  • Waterproofing product (if needed)
  • Dryer (optional)
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Preparation and washing

  1. Read the care label on your snowboard jacket to check for any specific washing instructions or temperature guidelines. Some jackets may require special care.
  2. It is paramount that you remove any items from the jacket’s pockets to avoid the destruction of these items and the jacket itself.
  3. Shake off extra debris like dirt, snow, etc. from the exterior of the jacket before you begin. Pay attention to areas like cuffs, collar, and sleeves.
  4. Make sure all zippers, flaps, and strings that can get tangled up are closed. This will help avoid damage to both the jacket as well as the washing machine.
  5. Lay out your jacket and look for noticeable harsh stains. Spot clean these areas with a mild detergent or stain remover following the product’s instructions. Bleach and any other harsh chemicals should be avoided.
  6. A front-loading washing machine is the best choice for washing your snowboard jacket. This allows control of heat and speed according to your material. Its mechanism is also such that your jacket is not tangled or strained. You can also use a large bathtub in case of handwash. Make sure the washing machine or tub is clean.
  7. Choose a mild detergent designed explicitly for technical outdoor gear. Products like Nikwax Tech Wash are designed to clean waterproof and breathable fabrics without damaging them. Follow the detergent’s instructions for the correct amount to use.
  8. Place the jacket in the washing machine or bathtub and add the detergent. Use cool to warm water and a gentle cycle. If using a bathtub, the washing should be gentle to avoid damage.
  9. You should take care to rinse thoroughly after washing to remove all detergent residue. This step is crucial to maintain the jacket’s waterproofing.

Drying after wash

  1. Tumble drying: Some snowboard jackets are designed to be tumble-dried on a low-heat setting. Check the care label for instructions, and you can use tennis balls in the dryer to help fluff the insulation. Do not use a top-loading washing machine’s spin cycle as it can damage the jacket.
  2. Air drying: Gently squeeze out excess water from the jacket without wringing or twisting it. Hang the jacket on a clean, flat surface or a hanger in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight or heat sources. Make sure it’s fully dry before storing it.
  3. Reapply waterproofing: If your snowboard jacket has lost its waterproofing, you can reapply a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) treatment according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Precautions to Take When Cleaning a Snowboard Jacket

It is critical to follow the instructions on the care and maintenance of your jacket. You should always read the label carefully to give it the best care needed and avoid ruining it. Listed below are some essential precautions one must always take when cleaning your snowboard jacket.

  1. Use a front-load washing machine and make sure all lapels, zippers, and flaps are closed and secure to prevent chaffing of the material.
  2. It is essential to use a gentle detergent or a specialized technical fabric detergent designed for outdoor gear.
  3. You should never use extreme heat on your jacket as heat damages the waterproofing and insulation. For both washing and drying, you should use low to medium heat.
  4. Avoid fabric softeners and bleach as they damage the jacket’s waterproofing and insulation.
  5. Do not wash your jacket together with other heavily soiled or/and heavy clothes. 
  6. A step you cannot neglect is the drying process. You can either hang your jacket to air dry avoiding direct heat or you can tumble dry it on low heat in your dryer. This will help avoid loss of insulation and loft.
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Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I wash my snowboard jacket in a washing machine?

Yes, you can wash your snowboard jacket in a washing machine. you should use a front-load washing machine rather than a top-load. The spinning blades of a top-load washing machine may prove too aggressive. You should also take care to use a mild detergent and wash it on a medium spin. Another essential step to keep in mind when washing your jacket is to close all zippers, flaps, and strings that might chaff the material.

How often should you wash your snowboard jacket?

The frequency of washing required for your snowboard jacket depends on how often you use it. The indicators of when to wash your jacket are sweat and dirt buildup and smell. You can check the inside of the collar and handcuffs for this. You should wash your jacket once the dirt lining becomes visible and starts to smell. It is best to wash your jacket before it gets too dirty and smelly because the dirtier it gets, the harder it is to clean. 

Should I turn my snowboard jacket inside out before washing it?

It is best to turn your snowboard jacket inside out before you wash it. This is mainly to prevent the chaffing of the exterior cloth which may be treated with special finishings to make it water-resistant, dirt-resistant, glossy, matt, etc. The flaps, strings, and other hardware are also protected better when you turn your jacket inside out. This makes it safer both for your jacket as well as your washing machine.

Can I put my snowboard jacket in the dryer, or should I air-dry it?

Unless specified otherwise in the washing instructions on the label, it is safe to put your snowboard jacket in the dryer. You can keep the dryer on medium heat and tumble dry it to help bring back the fluff. Tumble-drying your jacket may be preferable to air-drying it as the motion of the dryer along with the heating mechanism helps to restore padding.


You must take proper care of your winter clothes before packing them for the next season. You don’t want to be unpacking your next winter with moldy and smelly outerwear. While it may seem like a hard and long process, the washing and proper storage of your jacket does not need to be impossible. Taking the proper precautions and following the steps listed above will help make the task so much easier and guarantee you a cozy, clean, and fresh jacket for your winter. 

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