Arcteryx Rush Jacket Review: Reasons to Buy in 2020

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Arcteryx is considered one of the best brands in the field of sportswear and their Rush jacket sets the standards in the market.

Even though the product looks simple, the level of sophistication and technology that has gone into its manufacturing is truly marvelous.

Imagine standing under the pouring rain, and not feel a drop of water brush your skin. For that matter, you will even be able to maintain a healthy body temperature in freezing weather conditions!

Frankly, it is a no-brainer to suggest this jacket and after reading this review of the Arcteryx Rush Jacket, you will know exactly why we say that.

 Arcteryz Rush Jacket
InsulationOcta® Loft breathable insulation
WaterproofingWaterproof, windproof and breathable Gore-Tex
DesignEfficient protection, layering and movement
SizeS to XXL
Color4 color choices
PerksHelmet compatible
Weight1 pound
Buy FromPrice
Arcteryx.comCurrent Price
AmazonCurrent Price
MoosejawCurrent Price

Arcteryx Rush Jacket Review

Overall Fitting

The jacket should be a snug fit as its bottom can be tightened using the strings it comes with. This keeps the cold air out and helps maintain decent body temperature.

The main zipper in the front goes all the way up to the user’s chin. And yes, it can be done even if the user has a helmet on. A good perk to have if you are thinking of venturing out with your automobile.

Material Quality

The textile used is formulated by Gore-Tex, which is durable and lightweight. A lot of attention has been given to minimize the amount of fabric used so that it weighs less, and you can move around easily.

In 2020, the Gore-Tex Pro fabric is the best that Gore-Tex company has to offer, and Arcteryx doesn’t think twice in implementing this in this jacket.

This is a triple layer fabric that can keep the cold out, it can keep you dry, handle heavy abrasion, and withstand harsh weather conditions.

Along with these, if you check on their website, you will see the ton of technology and testing that goes into making it.


The Arcteryx Rush Jacket jacket comes in two-tone colors and none of them are loud, which doesn’t mean they are not appealing enough. If you are someone who likes things being simple, not flashy, you will definitely like this jacket for its design aspects.

Considering all the other things that it brings to the table, we cannot complain about it not being stylish enough.


To add to the structural integrity of the jacket, and reduce its wear and tear with time. Arcteryx has extensively researched and found the most susceptible areas and taped it accordingly for more resilience.

Generally speaking, a simplistic design means there are fewer points of failure. Gore-tex is one of the most durable fabrics out there and made to take some tough beating from nature when out in the trails. With proper care, the jacket should last for a very long time, multiple years at a stretch.

Key Features

To iterate the points mentioned above in the review, which are also the key features of the jacket.

The Arcteryx Rush Jacket uses Gore-Tex, the industry leader in providing fabric for hiking and adventure sports gears in this jacket. Moreover, the product is equipped with the latest and most advanced Gore-Tex Pro material. This makes it durable and lightweight.

Areas that are most prone to wear and tear, such as the seams are multi taped to prevent weathering and keeping the moisture out.

One of the most notable elements is the capacity to attach a helmet to its hood whenever the need arises. The armpit area is zipped, which can be opened during rigorous activities for increased air circulation and reducing sweat.

There is a mix of spacious pockets and smaller pockets built at clever locations. And watertight zippers will aid in protecting whatever you have put into your pockets.

Do take note that these zippers are water-resistant and not water-proof. Hence, it is advisable to not carry electrical equipment inside them as they might get damaged.

Who Should Buy Arcteryz Rush Jackets?

The jacket is built to withstand rough weather conditions. But for starters, you have to be the kind of person who enjoys the thrill of being in those conditions.

It is a very costly investment, and the word investment is mentioned because it will last you a long time. If you are planning on wearing it once a year, you should probably look elsewhere, as these are made to be in the wild and not the closet.

If you are passionate about going out into the wilderness and can afford the purchase, Arc’teryx rush jacket will be a great companion for all journeys.

Final Words

Searching the market for a reliable jacket? There are some really good options which work to a certain extent.

But if you are someone who doesn’t want to compromise on quality. You can consider going the extra mile and purchase the Arcteryx’s Rush jacketat $440 to $699 from Amazon.

The majority of the review of this jacket has been apex, and we will have to agree to it. That being said, it is a premium jacket, so it is supposed to be excellent. But the fact of the matter is that it delivers the promises it makes, which is always a good reason to buy any product out of a shelf.

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