509 Snowmobile Boots

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Are you looking for the best brands among the various snowmobile boots? The 509 snowmobile boots have great options and a range from which your can choose your boots according to your style and purpose of riding. 

This article will give details about the three most popular 509 snowmobile boots models. Keep reading to find out which could suit you the best. 

509 Boots For Snowmobiling 

509 snowmobile boots


Colors- Black Ops, Sharkskin 

These boots have a rugged high carbon outsole that is strong enough for riding running boards. They are also soft to get a firm hold on to snow and ice. 

They come with 600 g insulation which is mid-range insulation that can help manage on both below and above 0 degrees. You can enjoy a comfortable, warm, and dry ride. Whether in cold or a sweaty ride this insulation can keep you comfortable. 

The lacing system is a BOA H4 which can help with a customized fit. The dial in the front helps a proper fitting and you can adjust it according to the desired extent. 


Colors: Sharkskin, Black Ops

The Raid double Boa boots have a dual-zone lacing system with two dials to adjust the fitting. It has a 5TECH strong waterproof breathable liner with a great comfortable fit for an all-day ride. 

It comes with 600 g insulation, mid-range insulation that can help you avoid too much cold as well sweaty rides. 

The upper reinforcements in these boots give a great grip on the snowmobile or even boards. The reels are replaceable and easily adjustable. 


Colors: Stealth

They are Non-Boa boots that come with three buckle closures. The insulation included 200 g of Thinsulate insulation for warmth. 

The sole is suitable for mountain lugs and has carbon content and shifter pads for better durability. 

But there is one important thing you need to note and that is its size. The Velo raid boots are a half size smaller due to the secondary liner installed inside the boot, beneath the primary liner. But that is not a big issue as the liners are removable. 

Are 509 Boots Worth it? 


The different strap and lace models give a chance to customize your boots’ fitting. Isn’t this a nice feature? The Boa dials help in adjusting the tightness and fit so that your comfort is taken care of to the maximum. 

If you are looking for lightweight, comfortable boots then 509 snowmobile boots must be an excellent choice. 

Final Words 

In short, the 509 snowmobile boots have a durable sole, perfect insulation for the perfect warmth, and dials for adjusting your fitting. 

So go ahead and grab your pair of 509 boots to have an adventurous and fun-filled ride. These boots are your besties when it comes to snowmobiling. 

What are you waiting for? Go on and have fun! 

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