Winter Sports Gear Guides & Reviews

load snowmobile in a truck

Klim Snowmobile Boots

Snowmobiling is thrilling and it can be the best sport if you love snow and adventure. That excitement as you glide and ride through the …

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509 Snowmobile Boots

Are you looking for the best brands among the various snowmobile boots? The 509 snowmobile boots have great options and a range from which your …

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Camelbak Powderhound 12 review in 2022

No matter where you are, what you are doing, whether backpacking across a country or climbing a mountain, one of the most important things you must carry is ‘water’. Staying always hydrated means staying always refreshed. 

Camelbak Powderhound snow hydration pack’s amazing feature the Crux reservoir makes sure your water does not freeze when you are out there on your snowy adventures. But of course, besides water, there are some things we must carry, whether it’s sunscreen or food. Camelbak has enough space to carry all your essentials in style. So be always be more than ready for your amazing adventurous life.

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Ski helmet vs Bike helmet: Key Differences

The shape of the helmets are different. A ski helmet covers the entire reverse of your head and is designed to work with ski goggles. There’s generally a goggle clip on the reverse of the helmet for the swatch. One good tip if you’re copping either goggles or a ski helmet is to make sure that they copulate well together. The top of your goggles should sit nicely coming to the helmet when you have them both on and not leave a bitsy little gap for air to indurate your forepart. 

A bike helmet doesn’t completely cover the reverse of your head, and has a lot of reflections. Cycling is frequently done in warm rainfall, so keeping your head from overheating is consummate. A lot of helmets have reflections strategically placed so that you can slide sunglasses into the reflections when you aren’t wearing them. In the end, they both serve a veritably important purpose of guarding your brain! 

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