Winter Sports Gear Guides & Reviews

How to Keep a Neck Gaiter from Slipping In

Whatever occasion you’re in, whatever weather there is, clothes are designed to have you adapt to anything and anywhere!

An article of clothing for a specific purpose; it’s why you have a bunch of clothes in your closet, after all!

But it can also be style-wise! With how creative the human mind is, there will be plenty of designs to choose from 

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How to Keep Feet Warm with Poor Circulation

Do you suffer from poor circulation?

And, situation gets worse in the winter season.

I know how it feels.

And, the worst part is, it’s difficult to find socks that are designed for people with circulation problems.

To solve this problem, I researched a lot, and found a few options for you.

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Best Beanies with Hole for Ponytail: New Winter Fashion

Fashion meets comfort whenever you wear acrylic blend Ponytail Beanie Hat. The beanie adds a pop to any outfit and keeps your whole head warm without your bun or hair in the way. The material is soft and thick enough to cover your ears from the cold wind too.

Does your love for ponytails stop you from wearing knit hats? Let us now know more about the ponytail-friendly hat knitting pattern! These hats feature small opening that lets you thread your hair through, whether it is a messy bun, ponytail, or even dreadlocks. Now, let us now find out more about the winter hat with a ponytail hole.

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