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Is Snowmobiling Safe for Pregnant Women?

Watching someone snowmobiling would urge your desire to try it, too!

Everyone could try snowmobiling. Initially, like most other sports it was popular among men but now women are starting to mark their presence in this sport. 

However, is snowmobiling safe for pregnant women? You might be worried about the trail, bumps, and even the trees around! Complete gear and accessories, a quality snowmobile, and knowing the precautions could make this possible!

Let’s learn more if snowmobiling is safe for pregnant women in this article.

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Snowboard vs. Skateboard: Easy to Understand Comparison in 2021

Snowboard and skateboard is both an enjoyable leisure activity. People would flock to various playing sites for this sport. However, most of them are confused about the difference between the two!

Are you one of them? Then you’re in the right place! 

The main distinction between the two is that snowboarding is a winter sport while skateboarding is an action-adventure freestyle sport. You can observe that they differ in the boards used, too! 

Despite their differences, many people use skateboarding as a transition to snowboarding or also practice it when they cannot snowboard. 

Sounds interesting? Let us know more by comparing and differentiating these two sports for a more fun leisure activity this 2021!

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Why Do Hockey Players Smell Salt?

Have you ever wondered what is the unknown thing that ice hockey players hold close to their noses and breathe in just before they’re about to ace the game? Nothing to worry about, it’s just smelling salts.

I know most of you think it’s so odd to see them sniffing salt openly and so casually before their most anticipated games like it’s some form of ritual. It’s a pretty common practice for athletes, especially for ice hockey players, however, the reason behind it is not known to many yet.

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How to Clean Hockey Helmet

Ice hockey, just like any kind of sport that involves grand physical work, typically leaves players drenching in sweat. With sweat, sometimes comes players’ worst enemy, stink.

Eliminating the foul smell in gears and helmets isn’t done by simply cleaning them after ice hockey games. Some preventive measures are also involved to make sure that foul odors are reduced from building up over time. 

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Askov Finlayson Parka Review: (For 2021 Winter)

Investing in a premium parka that would protect you from the extreme cold this 2021 winter and at the same time stand against the test of time is such a big necessity for many. However, with several brands claiming to be the best parka in the market, a lot is left confused as to which deserves the hype and recognition.

Trying out every brand that does not potentially fit your standard is straight-up impractical. So, we got you covered. 

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How To Lace Ice Hockey Skates

In order to perform better in ice hockey skating, we don’t just need to wear appropriate equipment. We also need to consider wearing them properly so there will be no problems throughout the game. One of the most crucial gear in ice hockey skating is the ice hockey skates so if it’s not properly laced up, it will greatly affect your performance in ice hockey.

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Goalie Crease in Hockey: Purpose of Goalie Crease

Have you ever wondered what paints in ice hockey rinks mean? If you have ever seen an ice rink for ice hockey skating, you’ll notice that there are markings with different colors. One of the colors that stands out is the color blue paint in front of each teams’ goal and net. This is called crease or goalie crease.

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