GoFish Cam Review: Revolutionary Fishing Camera

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The GoFish Cam is a revolutionary underwater camera that’s designed to help anglers capture amazing footage of their catches. It combines the latest in digital imaging technology with an easy-to-use design, allowing users to quickly and safely attach it to any fishing line.

In addition, its wireless capabilities allow you to stream live footage directly from your device or share it online with friends and family. With its exceptional quality, durability, and ease of use, the GoFish Cam is sure to become a must-have item for any serious angler.

In this review of the GoFish Cam, I’ll provide an overview of what makes the GoFish Cam stand out from other underwater cameras on the market today.


Full HD video recording

Wireless underwater camera

Underwater warranty of 500 ft

Works in freezing temperatures for ice fishing

iOS and Android compatible

WiFi connectivity


GoFish Cam is a wireless underwater camera that can be used in any environment, even for ice fishing. With GoFish cam, you can record full HD videos of how fish reacts to your bait, then, you can also share them with your friends. The battery life is decent, you can record for up to 2 hours in 1080, 30 FPS, or at 720, 60 FPS. You also get an underwater warranty of 500ft (150 meters), which means you can reach up to 500 ft underwater.

My Personal Review After Using GoFish Cam

My experience with the GoFish Cam has been extremely rewarding and enjoyable. I purchased this revolutionary wireless camera last year, and ever since then, I have been using it for my fishing trips in Wyoming.

The GoFish Cam is an incredibly user-friendly camera that easily attaches to my fishing line so you can capture amazing footage of your catches. Its wireless capabilities allow you to stream live footage directly from the device or even share it with your friends and family online.

A few weeks ago, I went to Fremont Canyon in Wyoming, and my experience was truly remarkable. When I arrived, the place was stunning. The clear blue water glimmered in the sunlight and where I stood, the shoreline sloped gently into the lake.

With my GoFish Cam securely attached to the fishing line, I cast out my bait and was almost immediately hit with a wave of fish. The sensation of so many trouts suddenly surrounding my bait was unreal, but the GoFish Cam captured it all perfectly. It’s amazing to watch what’s going on underneath the surface and how the fish react to your lure.

When I cast out my bait, nearly 30 trouts came to investigate it. I have never seen so many fish all around my bait before, and it was a truly incredible sight. The GoFish Cam captured the moment perfectly so I could share it with my friends and family, who couldn’t believe that so many trouts actually came for the bait.

Overall, my experience with the GoFish Cam has been extraordinary. Its high-quality digital imaging technology combined with its user-friendly design makes it the perfect choice for any serious angler looking to capture amazing footage of their catches. With its exceptional quality, durability, and ease of use, I would highly recommend this revolutionary underwater camera to anyone.

Features of GoFish Underwater Fishing Camera

GoFish Cam is an underwater, wireless action-adventure HD camera that enables you to capture the real action and gain better insights on your underwater fishing expedition.

And while it has all the essential characteristics of a standard underwater camera, let’s check out the unique features that make it such a ‘catch’ among its users:

To begin with, you can use GoFish Cam in both saltwater and freshwater environments to capture and record underwater videos while you participate in bottom fishing, trolling, cast-and-retrieve, and other similar fishing-style activities.

Equipped with high-definition color video and infrared lights for clearer night vision, you can record HD underwater footage in 1080P @ 60FPS, 30FPS, and 720P @ 60FPS.

Image taken by Gofish Cam

All you have to do is attach the cam to your fishing line, throw it in the water and then just let the device do its job.

The cam also comes equipped with green LEDs for better visibility in night fishing and deeper waters. This makes it extremely easy to use the camera at any point during the day or season.

To add to this, you can catch the whole underwater scene through wide-angled 170° lenses. The device also comes with a built-in microphone so that you don’t miss anything below the surface. This will enable you to have a complete experience while you undertake the adventure.

Video recorded by Gofish underwater camera

Moving on to the construction of the device, the stabilized design and the hydrodynamic shape of the camera, along with the tough armor casing, allow you to record underwater without any difficulty.

It is 11.5 cm long and 94 grams in weight, which means it’s small and light, but that doesn’t mean it’s flimsy; the waterproof and rugged structure of this device can easily support 1000 lbs of tension.

Along with a pre-set weight system, it comes with three stabilization fins and has average depth coverage of 150M – all these features allow you to troll at a slow or fast speed as per your requirement in deep waters trouble-free.

It further comes with built-in WiFi so that you can easily connect with the well-integrated and exclusive mobile app- the ‘GoFish App’ (available for both Android and iPhone) to share and review the recorded footage.

The cam has a Li-ion battery and has an average life of 4 hours with a recording time of 1.5-2 hours. The device takes 1.5 hours to recharge completely.

You can also connect the camera to any laptop or computer with an inclusive charging cable so that you can retrieve and manage your data.

Furthermore, you can record a ton of footage and easily store it because of the MicroSD card slot, which allows you to store data up to 64GB.

This means that you can easily share the action-captured underwater videos with your friends and family directly from the mobile application through social networks and other mediums.

What more can you ask for when you can record explicit HD underwater videos, control it with a mobile app, review and edit the footage to enhance your fishing skills, or merely share fantastic content with your community?

In a nutshell, with GoFish Cam, you can experience underwater fishing in a whole new way! It’s a perfect tool irrespective of whether you are an amateur or an expert in fishing.

FAQs about GoFish Cam

Can you watch the live video using GoFish Cam?

Yes, you can watch the live video using GoFish Cam in conjunction with its included bobber accessory when above water. This allows the sensor to be out of the water and will live feed between 20-30ft away.

What battery does GoFish Cam use?

GoFish Cam uses a Li-Ion rechargeable battery which takes 1.5 hours to recharge.

How long can GoFish Cam record for?

GoFish Cam can record for up to 1.5 hours in 1080, 60FPS resolution and up to 2 hours in 1080, 30FPS & 720, 60FPS resolutions. Please note that Wifi will lessen the battery life of the device.

How deep can you go and record videos with GoFish Cam?

The GoFish Cam is rated to 500 Feet/150 Meters, so you can take it on any deep-sea fishing trip and record amazing footage & videos.

Can GoFish Cam record videos at night?

Yes, GoFish Cam is equipped with a green LED light, allowing you to record footage and videos even at night. This makes it perfect for fishing at night and recording the nightlife in the water.

Pros & Cons of GoFish Cam

Comparing GoFish Cam with Water Wolf & Spydro

GoFish Cam vs. Water Wolf

A review of any product is incomplete without a brief comparison of its alternatives. And in this section, we are going to compare the GoFish Cam with another popular device- The Water Wolf Camera.

The Water Wolf cam is relatively cheaper and lighter in weight, but the GoFish Cam is a better choice in terms of both overall features and performance.

To begin with, Water Wolf’s video quality is comparably lower as compared to GoFish’s.

While Water Wolf supports only 720p (720p HD @ 30FPS), GoFish cam supports videos of both 720p and 1080p (1080P @ 60FPS, 30FPS, and 720P @ 60FPS).

GoFish also comes with built-in WiFi, which is otherwise not available with Water Wolf.

To add to this, there is no mobile app integration available for Water Wolf. This is a significant minus point since a mobile app makes managing the device very easy.

Furthermore, it also enables the user to store, review, edit, and share underwater footage with others.

This element is available with GoFish (GoFish app), which is well-synced and works smoothly with the camera.

The underwater depth coverage of the Water Wolf camera is also less (120M) as compared to the GoFish’s camera (150M). This means that the GoFish cam can go deeper underwater as opposed to the Water Wolf cam.

Additionally, GoFish provides many other premium features like green LEDs, infrared lights for clearer night vision, a built-in microphone, etc.

And although both cameras have a similar battery life of up to 4 hours, the GoFish Cam is a clear winner here since it offers many more features with better elements.

GoFish Cam vs. Spydro Underwater Camera

Moving on to the second significant comparison- GoFish vs. Spydro, I have to say that Spydro Underwater Fishing Camera is a better choice. Let me explain why-

Firstly, Spydro is more waterproof than GoFish; this is because Spydro’s construction doesn’t allow the device to open at all. So basically, you cannot access the battery and SD card because the device is completely sealed. This protects it from water as well.

The same cannot be said about GoFish, where you can easily open and close the device when you need it. And if you fail to close it properly, water can enter and damage your camera.

Another noticeable difference is in the night vision feature of the device; while both the cameras provide LEDs and lighting to record footage in darker surroundings, Spydro has light sensors that access the LEDs and switches it on/off automatically as needed.

For GoFish, you need to manually switch on/off the LEDs before you fish.

Also, the mobile app of Spydro is more informative and detailed as compared to the GoFish app.

Sypdro collects more data and merges all the essential information while sending the ‘Fishing Logs’ directly to your smartphone from the memory card.

Furthermore, Spydro comes accompanied by GPS location, which provides vital information you might need for your fishing trips.

But apart from this, all the other significant features of both of the underwater cameras are more or less the same- from their underwater depth coverage (150M) to the video quality (750P/1080P) and battery life (~4 hours), both the devices are at par.

However, it is essential to note that the Spydro is relatively more expensive than GoFish Cam.

So if you are looking for an extremely efficient, ‘smart’ underwater camera and if you don’t mind splurging a little extra, then Spydro underwater fishing camera is meant for you.

Final Words

Fishing requires patience and skills; it doesn’t matter if you indulge in it as a recreational activity or take it as a timely sport.

An underwater camera is a technological upgrade that can only make your fishing expedition more fun and informative.

So while you browse through the various underwater ice-fishing camera options in the market, make sure you choose the one which offers you the best features with reliable performance.

And even though the process can be a little daunting, we hope this article makes it easier for you to choose a suitable underwater camera for your future fishing endeavors.

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