The Best Ski and Snowboard Helmets for Toddlers and Kids

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Skiing and snowboarding are exciting sports, but when the thought of allowing kids and toddlers to enjoy these comes into one’s mind, there are more safety precautions that one needs to take, as children can not look out for themselves.

One of these precautions is to ensure that a child has proper safety wear, which includes jackets, gloves, helmets et cetera.

In this article, we are going to discuss ski or snowboard helmets for toddlers and kids, and at last, some recommendations from us regarding the best helmets available out in the market.

Are Ski & Snowboard Helmets Different?

If we compare ski and snowboard (or snowboarding) helmets, we don’t find much difference. This is because both the helmets have the same purpose of protecting both your head and the brain, and keeping your ears isolated from the wind draft.

Both types of helmets provide cover over the ears with fabric or fleece lining for draft blocking, which helps to keep your ears not only warm but protected from scratch injuries from twigs and leaves, when you are going through an area with vegetation.

Still, you may ask, then why are they still available in some places by different names? The answer is, because of the different fashion trends of both the sports, they are available under different names, as separate products, just differing in aesthetics, but identical in functionality.

Since it is 2019, this problem has subsidized a lot, as the fashion is moving towards simplistic styling and minimalist looks, as a result of which these helmets look almost identical.

All this leads us to the conclusion, that you can buy either of these and use it for both the sports.

The whole discussion applies to toddler, kids and children helmets available on the market as well.

Things to Consider Before Buying Ski & Snowboard Helmets

ski helmet for kids

You might ask, now how do I choose a helmet? To answer this question, we present you with the following points that you need to consider before buying ski and snowboard helmets:


Unlike any wearable equipment, helmets also come in different sizes for kids and toddlers, as these are supposed to fit your head perfectly, otherwise, the helmet may slip upon impact, defying the main aim of wearing these to protect the head and absorb all of the impact.

Particularly, for kids and toddlers, getting a correct size is important, as they might not be able to explain if they are having any problems with the size. A tight helmet may result in headache, dizziness, et cetera, while easiest detection of a loose helmet is that the person wearing it will feel cold as the air will be able to get in.

Generally, for getting a size estimate, it is recommended to check with the manufacturer, as different manufacturers have different methods for calculating the optimal size to buy for your kid.

Some helmets come with a size adjustment wheel, which can be used for making finer adjustments to the size, which can prove useful for the case when your child doesn’t have a standard head size.

Insulation and ear protection

After size, the second most important parameter is the insulation that the helmet provides.

It might too important or not important at all, depending on the weather conditions, that is, if you surf in a very cold climate, you might want high insulation, but in the other case, you might not want insulation at all.

Since the need for insulation and ear protection changes according to the weather, it is important that you buy the helmet with only sufficient protection, as a hot helmet can cause inconvenience as well.

Also factor in if you cross areas with vegetation, as they might damage the material that the protective earmuff is constructed.

Standards and technologies

A helmet is of no use if it doesn’t protect your little one when required.

Hence, make sure that you only buy helmets that comply with standards, as these helmets are tested as designed to perform in the worst possible conditions as well.

Some common standards are European CE,  The American Society of Testing and Materials et cetera.

Also, if possible, purchase a helmet, which incorporates MIPS BPS, which is the acronym for Multi-direction Impact Protection System – Brain Protection System, mimics brain’s own impact protection mechanism for minimizing the stresses coming from an impact on the brain.

MIPS uses a ‘slip-plane’ membrane inside the helmet, which shifts relative to the outer shell when there is an impact, reducing stresses coming onto the brain, which has been proved by tests and studies. This ensures that there is minimal brain damage in case of an accident.

The amount of venting

Venting is basically allowing the air outside to come into the helmet.

If the helmet has too many vents, it will allow more air to come inside, decreasing the amount of heat that can be stored, leaving you shivering. But, if there are fewer vents, the amount of air incoming will be less and may lead to the helmet becoming warmer than required.

Hence, deciding the amount of venting is quite important, as choosing the wrong ventilation will lead to discomfort, which is dependent on the type of climate you wish to ski/surf in.

Goggle securing mechanism

Make sure that the helmet has a good goggle securing mechanism as this sport requires a lot of physical movement, as a result of which the goggles may come loose and fall, which can be quite frustrating and inconvenient.

Similarly, children need one need too as they might not observe that their googles have fallen immediately and result in losing the goggles.

This is the reason why most kid’s and adult’s helmets come with a google securing mechanism.

Miscellaneous mounts

Some people like to use action cameras, headlights et cetera, for which some helmets provide mount.

If you want to use any products like this, make sure if the helmet you want to purchase has a suitable mount for your accessory.

Best Ski Helmets for Toddlers and Kids

snowboard helmets for children

Retrospec Traverse H3 Youth Ski & Snowboard Helmet

The Retrospec Traverse Durable features an ABS hard exterior, which helps it protect your child against any bumps and bruises. The EPS foam on the interior absorbs any shock resulting from impacts and ensures a comfortable experience.

It also has an adjustable chinstrap, which can be adjusted to fit properly on your child’s heads along with plush earmuffs that keep ears warm.

These also have a durable rear goggle clip to keep the goggles safe and secure.

The helmet complies with both EN 1077: 2007 for ski helmets and CPSC 16 CFR, part 1203 for bicycle helmets, which is really good and increase the price to value proposition of the product even more.

One thing to note about this helmet is that there it is a bit too tight near the ears, so make sure that you buy the correct size as the ear pads are not at all adjustable or removable.

Giro Launch Combo Kids Snow Helmet w/Matching Goggles

Giro Launch combo contains both a helmet and a goggle matching the style of the helmet. If your child is choosy with colors, you might want to take a look at it, as it comes in 10+ styles and colors.

The helmet fit system is vertical turning, in-form fit system, which ensures that there is a proper fit on your child’s head. It also has numerous vents, which keep the head ventilated properly.

The goggles are made up of double-layer face foam with microfleece facing, which ensures proper sealing between the face and goggle, leaving no space for the cold wind to come in.

Goggles are also coated with an anti-reflective coating, giving crystal clear vision to the wearer.

Keep in mind that the helmets not coming as part of the combo only have the MIPS protection, which might be an important consideration for some people.

LANOVAGEAR Kids Youth Ski/Snowboard Helmet with Fleece Liner

Lanovagear helmet feature a padded chin strap, and goggle loop. Also, it has a size adjustment dial, which gives a perfect fit.

The helmet is not only comfortable but comes in three color choices as well. Thing to note is that this helmet has excellent craftsmanship, and even small details are worked upon, such as not exposed foam at edges et cetera.

The inner layer is soft and comfortable. The inner layer, as well as the ear pads, are easily removable, which make it easier to clean and replace them, if need arises. It also has a goggles loop.

The helmet meets EN1077 standards, the external cap is constructed using ABS material, and covered by an EPS outer shell. This helmet is CE certified as well.

OutdoorMaster KELVIN Ski Helmet

OutdoorMaster ski helmet has a reinforced ABS shell and the core is made of EPS. The exterior has a matte finish and is available in three colors.

It also features a size adjustment dial for perfect fit and an easy to remove inner lining, which is washable as well. Also, adding to excellent accessibility is the fact that it features interchangeable magnetic lenses.

The Kelvin ski helmet has 14 individual vents for ventilation which is comfortable even after hours of intense skiing.

Giro Slingshot CP Kids Snow Helmet w/Matching Goggles

Coming again from Giro, we have Slingshot CP Helmet with matching goggles.

Needless to describe that Giro products are really enticing to the youth due to their exceptional styling, this line-up is one of the best-selling combos available in the market.

This model, in particular, allows adjustment of up to 6cm from a dial provided at the base of the helmet. Like the previous Giro goggles, these are made up of double-layer face foam with microfleece facing, which ensures proper sealing between the face and goggle, leaving no space for the cold wind to come in.

The quality of glasses is somewhat flimsy, and you might actually be better off buying them separately if what you want are high-quality glasses.

Final Words

In this article, we discussed all about the ski and snowboarding helmets for youth.

The above-provided information is more than sufficient to make an informed purchase while you are in the market to shop for a helmet for your child.

This will not only give you peace of mind by keeping them safe but also help them understand the value of safety from such a young age.

Also, while shopping from recommendations, there is no helmet that you can go wrong -with, as they all are from reputed companies, which follow norms for safety and standards.

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