Arc’teryx ATOM LT vs AR Hoody: A Detailed Comparison

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If you’re looking to perfect your winter look, Arc’teryx is your best bet yet!

Other than its one-of-a-kind quality, this isn’t the only thing Arc’teryx is for.

Not when you have a PLETHORA of features that each jacket has to better accommodate whatever situation you’re in!

Are you looking for something that can handle some harsh weather? What about something lightweight? Maybe for layering your jackets?

Arc’teryx has your back!

And you can see why from one of its series, Atom, along with two of its jackets!

Atom LT Hoody

Weighing at only 375 grams (or 13.2 ounces), the Atom LT is your best option in having the best of both worlds: the lightweight AND all round kinds of worlds!

Not only that, but you even have a long, long list of color options to choose from! Namely, fire-engine red, sky blue, mustard yellow, and eight cool, darker colors to satisfy your edgy side!

But the options don’t stop there!

Because other than color variety, Atom LT has a wide size range starting from extra small to triple extra-large.

Although, please be aware that this is a trim fit, so it might be a bit snug for those whose body types are leaning more on the chunkier side.

But I wouldn’t worry too much about that since Arc’teryx has a habit of making its jackets a bit bigger than you’d expect it to be.

And it helps that this is way cheaper than Atom AR when it costs $259!

  • Lightweight and all round
  • More color options
  • Available from sixes XS to XXXL
  • Trim fit
  • Cheaper

    Atom AR Hoody

    On the other hand, the Atom AR Hoody concentrates more on being handling weather, all ‘round!

    As the warmest in the Atom series, it makes sense for the Atom AR to feature panels under the arms called Permeair for ventilation to circulate properly and allow your body to breathe while you’re indoors or someplace warmer than outside the snow.

    But if its warmth is still not enough for severe weather, don’t worry! Because it’s a regular fit, you can layer it with other outer or inner jackets to warm you up nice and good.

    However, if you’re particularly of bright or pastel colors, then you might get peeved by the dark, muted colors Atom AR has for you.

    And there are only five options for you to choose from, so it’s time to make a tough decision.

    Also, if your body type’s leaning more on the bigger side, you’ll find that Atom AR can only provide you with sizing options from extra small to double extra-large, so see this as a heads-up.

    • Warmest option
    • Has ventilation
    • Regular fit
    • Limited color options
    • Available from sizes XS to XXL

      Comparison Between Atom LT and AR Hoody

      1. To Layer or Not To Layer

      So, it was mentioned earlier how both of these Atom options have different fits.

      The Atom LT has a trim fit, while the AR is a regular one.

      But it’s worth mention that they can both be used as a middle layer!

      Yes, even though the LT is a trim fit, you can still have it as a layer in the middle of the other jackets you’re going to wear.

      And not only that, but you could also have both of them handle the cold all by themselves!

      You’ll understand why once you keep reading the following parts.

      1. Just Warming Up 

      Other than Atom AR’s Permeair feature, what these two Atoms have in common is they’re both using synthetic insulation.

      Or as Atom calls it the CoreLoft.

      If you don’t know much about jacket insulations, these are what keep you warm while you’re out in the cold.

      And there are two types of these insulations: down insulation and, as mentioned earlier, synthetic insulation.

      The down insulation consists of feathers gathered from birds (most preferably, geese), that’s why jackets that have this kind of insulation look “bulky”.

      But it makes a swell job keeping you nice and toasty!

      That is, as long as you don’t get it wet. Because if you get it wet, then there’s no toasty warmth for you, only awful hypothermia.

      Meanwhile, synthetic insulation doesn’t have that issue! If anything, it THRIVES from the cold wetness when it gets even warmer the longer it’s damp!

      That’s technology for you!

      However, if you compare it to the down insulation, the warmth this gives off would feel like it’s lacking.

      Still, that’s a fair trade to keep you warm when you find yourself in a pile of snow, right?

      1. I Like to Move It, Move It

      You probably won’t notice it right away, but there are a couple of details Arc’teryx designed to have its wearer have full mobility in its jackets.

      The elbows on the sleeves have a distinct outline meant to accommodate your elbows to the T, all while being loose enough to allow you freedom in moving your arms around!

      Speaking of arms, if you raise them up, check out your ‘pits while wearing your jacket. See those triangle patterns there? 

      Those are gussets! And these bad boys are what’s letting you move around so much WITHOUT ripping your sleeves apart!

      Since they’re technically an extra piece of material, they give you more room for movement, which is perfect given how much action your arms needed to be doing while skiing!

      1. Hoods, On!

      Well, this is a no-brainer at this point, especially with how Arc’teryx makes sure every single one of its jackets has this feature.

      And this feature is its trademark StormHood!

      It’s the hood included in each Arc’teryx jacket, meant to be compatible with every helmet there is.

      Of course, since Arc’teryx has always been one to think far ahead, you bet helmets aren’t the only thing that could fit in the StormHood!

      Beanies, caps, heck, even no kind of headwear—whatever you have on, it’ll fit this hood perfectly.

      But how can that happen? Aren’t helmets built way too differently from practically anything else?

      Well, you can thank the adjustable drawcords for that!

      Which you could see on the back of your head (once you have the hood on) and the usual ones at the rim.

      But the back drawcords make a whole world of difference if you compare them to the ones up front because the back adjusts the entire size of the hood to either make it smaller or bigger, while all the front drawcords can do is widen or shrink down the opening of your hood!

      If that’s not enough, this Stormhood has insulation of its own, as well!

      1. Shape of You

      Think these fits are too big on you that they make drafts all across your jacket and letting in cold air?

      Well, having adjustable drawcords can help with that problem!

      Located at the hem, you can pull on these guys if you want to have it cinch around your waist snugly.

      This way, no snow or breeze can get in and potentially freeze your butt off while skiing!

      1. Tender Love and Care

      And lastly, the care and maintenance on how to keep these jackets in pristine condition.

      First thing you should know: don’t use warm or hot water.

      Machine wash them in COLD water because, well, they’re technically made to withstand cold, not heat.

      Be sure to use the gentle cycle! Sure, they could withstand the cold, but being inside a washing machine is entirely new territory when there’s soapy water coming in from all sides, throwing them around inside to clean them up.

      And DO NOT use bleach! Don’t even THINK about adding it in, unless you want to ruin your jacket on purpose!

      Once you got them all washed up, dry them up using the tumble dry on low heat. Remember: they can’t handle too much heat, got it?

      If you truly care about either Atom jacket, pay close attention to selecting the delicate setting to avoid leaving any sort of wear or damage on its material.

      And that should be that!

      Afterward, you don’t need to iron them out, so ignore those thoughts nagging inside your brain that they look all crinkly.

      Don’t wring them out! The insulation inside might get all squished and deformed if you continue to do this repetitively.

      And since the insulation is crucial in keeping important parts of your body (such as your back and chest) warm, wringing it dry might dislocate the proper alignment of the insulation all over your jacket!

      One last thing: do not dry clean these jackets.

      Neglecting to clean them the proper way might lead to their faster degradation, and no one truly wants that, right?

      Final Words

      Arc’teryx is well-known for its top-notch quality that’s seen on every single one of its jackets.

      But every series has its strong points, and although both of these Arc’teryx jackets are from the same Atom series, you’ll notice there are still some little details that make them somewhat stand out.

      And these little details can leave a world of difference on your snow adventures, so you better be careful in reading up the features already provided for you in this detailed comparison!

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